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Living with Multiple Myeloma in Hyderabad , India . Random musings .

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My symptoms before being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma

I was anemic since my teens. I always felt weak, and whenever I met a physician , I was advised to take a course of iron supplements as my Hb levels were always below normal.

My immunity was always very low, and I frequently caught a sore throat infection. Every few months, there was an episode. I was prescribed antibiotics every time.

Over the years ,I started having severe asthma attacks every time I had a sore throat infection. I had to depend on a nebulizer to clear my lungs.

During my early 40s , I began having severe pain in my feet as soon as I woke up. It was getting difficult to walk for a while before I felt comfortable to start preparing for the day.

I was 43 when I slipped down the stairs and suffered L5 compression fracture.

Very soon, I started having chills, and I got admitted to a corporate hospital. I was then diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

I have written a memoir about my diagnosis 11 years ago and how I overcame it and now leading a normal life.

If you are interested in knowing more , get your copy here:

During my journey ,I received help and guidance from several people who are god send. My wish to share my experience with others who might benefit is now fulfilled.

Change your thoughts and help your body to heal.

Take Care !

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Heal yourself.

Of late I have been watching a lot of videos by Anita Moorjani.

Currently watching videos of Louise Hay. Louise Hay says that feelings of Resentment , Guilt, Fear and Criticism cause disease and by certain affirmations of gratitude and love, one can get rid of these feelings, thereby getting healed.

Both Louise and Anita emphasise on loving ourselves and give lots of practical tips on how to actually love ourselves , something that most do not know and are not even aware of the importance of self love. Self love is not the same as vanity or narcissistic.

I have been watching their videos repeatedly and every time there is something new in their talks that makes sense to me and is more acceptable.

I am also enjoying the meditation videos by Louise Hay.

Louise and Anita are a boon to humanity. Both of them beat Cancer and are doing great service by sharing their healing experiences and methods with all.

Apart from all the medications one takes to heal the body, it is equally important to have a healthy mind which in turns helps in healing. Strongly advise everyone to read their books and watch their videos.

I recently came across a practice of ‘Chanting’ . A particular branch of Buddhism has popularized chanting ‘Nam Myoho Range Kyo’. A colleague introduced this to me. The mantra is the essence of Buddhism which says that every individual has the ability to overcome any suffering , any situation. By chanting this mantra , one’s faith increases. Simultaneously the universe also aligns with our efforts, thereby one can achieve their goals.

I also came across a video about ‘Grounding’. A new concept which requires an individual to sit and place their bare feet on the ground, preferably surrounded by nature , for maybe 10 or 15 minutes or more. Then imagine roots growing from the bottom of the feet and going deep into the earth. The imaginary roots then help in absorbing the energy from the earth and into the body. This process helps in calming the mind, relieving stress and in centering the mind.

Anything and everything to stay heal yourself and stay healthy 🙂

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Raw Turmeric Vs Turmeric powder

I am in love with Turmeric, the Golden spice. A lot of research has been done on the health benefits of Turmeric and a lot of people the world over are experiencing positive results.

My being alive on this planet is primarily due to Turmeric.

Turmeric is widely being used to treat several illnesses from minor to major chronic illnesses of the body and the mind. There is a lot of information on the Internet.

Everyone is aware that prevention is better than cure but how many actually take the effort to be healthy.  We don’t even know what to do to prevent illnesses. With the kind of diet and pollution levels ,most people should be worried about ending up with some kind of illness, but are clueless as to how to prevent.

By consuming Turmeric we can greatly reduce and even delay the probability of occurrence of illnesses.

Almost all Indians consume Turmeric via their food . Turmeric powder is one of the key ingredients in most Indian recipes. However , the quantity and quality of the Turmeric powder that is used should be increased so as to get the maximum benefit.

Turmeric can be used in the form of a powder or as raw turmeric. It is preferable to use Raw Turmeric .

The store bought powders may be adulterated. It is best to prepare the powder at home using dried Turmeric root. First crush the root into smaller pieces and then grind it in your mixer grinder.

It is best if you can get hold of raw Turmeric root. You can also grow it in your garden.

Here is a link that tells you why –

This website has a lot of information on the health benefits of Turmeric.

Hope you too will benefit from this Golden spice.

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Witness Consciousness (Saakshi bhaav) and Healing


I had first come across the terms ‘Witness consciousness’ and ‘Saakshi Bhaav’, almost 15 yrs ago. All these years I never quite understood what exactly they meant in spite of reading several spiritual books and articles.

All of a sudden I am now able to get a glimpse of what ‘Witness consciousness’ means and able to appreciate and experience what these terms mean.It took sooo loong 🙂

In this post, i will try and attempt to answer whether we are the body or the mind or both or something else, as per my understanding and how we can try to heal ourselves.

I am not my body : Our bodily functions are taking place without our  intervention.They are involuntary actions.  We don’t have to tell the lungs to breathe, heart to beat , the 5 senses to do their job and stomach to digest. They have the intelligence to perform these actions on their own. These functions are carried out even while a person is in a coma. Each cell in the body is extremely intelligent . It performs its activities , multiplies and dies. They come with their own instruction set. Every type of cell is replaced periodically. Some are replaced every few days , some every few weeks. It is said that every cell in the body is replaced every 7 years. In spite of this all the cells are bound to the body. There must be some reference for all these cells to stay together.

Then who am I ??

I am able to create and perform a lot of actions with my body using my thoughts.Without thoughts, there is no action.  We are continuously bombarded by thoughts. Am I my thoughts ??

I am not my thoughts : When we were born and as a kid, our thoughts and actions were pure and based on instinct, there was pure unconditional love , there was togetherness, we enjoyed sharing , we were simple and innocent and trusted others. As we grew we started identifying ourselves with various tags . I am this , I am that ,I studied this,I work here, I live there, I own this etc. Along with the identification, there are negative feelings of  envy , greed , possessiveness, hatred , vengeance etc .What has happened to that pure innocence that we were born with? It is shoved into the background and all the other thoughts and feelings started to dominate our innate divine nature. All these thoughts disappear when we are in deep sleep. Not many are even aware that we were once very pure and full of love and trust and that is our true nature. All these thoughts are actually not us. They are a result of the environment and circumstances that we are growing in. All the competition and stress that one is exposed to all the time starting from school to college to work and marriage and society. All this creates a lot of unnecessary thoughts which affect the body too.

Yes ,we cannot function without these thoughts but we can do quite well without a lot of them too!!

I would like to conclude saying that I am not the body and I am not the thoughts, then who am I ??

I am the witness consciousness : There is a part of me that is able to witness these thoughts and body functions . There is Reference point from which everything happens. I can see a thought coming and going. Another thought comes and goes and this happens nonstop.It is easier to observe your thoughts by simply sitting calm with closed eyes. There is a part of me that is hidden and forgotten and lost. That part of me can watch and witness my body and my thoughts. The moment we start observing these thoughts, the thoughts slow down and we reach a no thought zone . The body parts start relaxing too. It is a peaceful state when we witness our thoughts and get in touch with our divine self. It feels as if all the shackles that are binding us with the external world are breaking.There is a sense of freedom .This can be practiced even  while we are performing our day to day chores.


We are conscious beings, meaning we are aware of our surroundings and our thoughts and we take conscious decisions all the time.

I had read that thoughts are like waves in the ocean. Deep under, the ocean is still and calm. Only the surface is turbulent. Our consciousness is like the ocean and the thoughts are the waves which continuously rise and fall…non-stop .There is a strong mind-body link and  negative thoughts make the body restless and also make it sick.

This understanding is a strange feeling but a great feeling. Something that I had come across numerous times in various spiritual texts and articles and never could understand or appreciate . Finally , I seem to have understood and able to experience it now.

Once this is experienced it is easier to get detached from the body and thoughts thereby helping our body to relax/heal  and mind to stay sane.

Being in the present moment , positive thinking ,  not judging people and the happenings around us are frequently mentioned by all the wise people in order to help ourselves. The advantage of learning to be a witness is that all these are possible.

Another advantage of being in this state is that healing happens. Thoughts are very powerful and a lot of unnecessary thoughts mess up the body functions. The mind-body connection is very strong. The moment we let go of  thoughts by tapping the ‘witness consciousness’, the body can heal itself..

Sounds good isn’t it ?!! 🙂


There seems to be a strong link between consciousness ,quantum mechanics and creation which is being studied scientifically.

I am just beginning to try to understand how the two are related and hopefully one day it will all make perfect sense not just to the spiritual masters , philosophers, and scientists but to all of the humanity, so that we understand how everyone and everything in the universe are connected and evolves from the same Consciousness , that Heaven is not some place far away, but on Earth , right here right now  :)) and we don’t need any religion to help us reach Heaven.


*****Lokaan Samasthaan Sukhino Bhavanthu******







Book Review – ‘Dying to be me’ by Anita Moorjani

A colleague recommended the book ‘Dying to be me’ by Anita Moorjani.


It is the true story of Anita, who had a Near Death Experience when she was almost on the verge of dying from Cancer,went into coma but recovered completely in a few weeks after that experience.A miracle by all standards.

I have come across people who have been managing quite well and living for several years. I recently learnt about a woman who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma 23 years ago.She meditates regularly and is doing fine.

While reading the book ,I was nodding at every point that was mentioned by Anita. About how we restrict our true feelings for the sake of society, about how we feel inadequate , how we give the least priority to ourselves etc.

Her experience during NDE about feeling one with all the beings in the universe , about realising that we are made up of love , about experiencing past present and future simultaneously , feeling love for all beings etc are all the same stuff that all spiritual masters have been saying all along and is written in various biographies and scriptures of hinduism and possibly other religions too.

I picked up the following from another link.

Things Anita Moorjani learned from her Stage Four Cancer & Ensuing NDE:

1. You attract what you fear.

2. If you’re sick, don’t fight it. Embrace it. Love where you are now. Only when you approach your health challenges from a point of love can you overcome the fear.

3. Sometimes less information is better. When it comes to illness, more information does not necessarily equal more power (too much research can actually add to the fear and symptoms).

4. Through your illness, your body is giving you a message. Work to understand and be with what is.

5. Everything comes from within.

6. Ask yourself, “What brings me joy?” And do more of that.

7. Don’t obsess and make your life about the illness.  

8. Love yourself unconditionally.

9. Positive thinking can only help to a certain extent. It’s more about being yourself and loving yourself – regardless of what you are going through.

10. Stop judging yourself.

11. Express yourself fully. Ask yourself: “Am I allowing myself to express who I am?  Am I being this person because I want to be accepted, or because it is who I am?”

12. Be centered in your true essence. From the place of pure centeredness, miracles are possible.  It’s about being, not doing.  When you are in the space of being, miracles are possible.

13. The only thing that limits you is your own beliefs.

14. The best way to get our of a fear state is to do something that brings you into a state of joy.  Find something that changes your state completely.  Whatever it is – music or art or going out in nature. Do something completely different. Or meditate.  If we can be still, we can go into a different reality.

15. Stay totally open. Get into a defused state in which all of the possibilities lie before you and you haven’t locked into any one.  

16. Follow your bliss and do what you love. We tend to do what we think we should do, rather than what our heart tells us to do.  We don’t do what makes our heart sing.

17. You are your own guru. All your answers are inside you.

18. Nobody is better than (or less than) you. We are all equal.

19. Focus on your feelings more than your thoughts. Make your everyday choices based on what makes you FEEL good, rather than what you THINK you should do or what others think you should do.

20. Don’t let a fear of failing or displeasing others run your life.

21. Realize your own MAGNIFICENCE!

Each of the above points has a deep significance and meaning. It is easier to read but practising is not that easy. Surely all of us have experienced and also accept a few of the above points. We should also incorporate the other points and also ponder on them as much as we can so that we can realise the benefits .

I shall read these beautiful words of Anita every day.

Very thankful to my colleague for recommending this wonderful book.

I bought this book in Amazon.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon.

Do check it out to transform your life !!

~Lokaan samasthaan sukhino bhavanthu~