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Living with Multiple Myeloma in Hyderabad , India . Random musings .

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My Ayurveda Doctor, to me: According to me, you are Cancer Free !!

I have been taking Ayurveda Medication for Multiple Myeloma from my Ayurveda Doctor every month. I have been prescribed several types of medicines with different dosages during the day .

This month too my medicines were delivered , but I opened the parcel only after a few days of receiving it. You know the virus thing and not to touch parcels for a few days and leave them outside the door thingy 🙂

When I opened the parcel I found that the required dosage of tablets/capsules was missing from a couple of medicines. I then messaged my Doctor informing the same. He said I should be reducing the dosage of medicines. I refused to accept what he said and said that I prefer to continue the same medication for ‘some more time’ .

He then said that I should reduce my dependence on Medicines and that I should be more confident and do meditation also.

I said OK and then …..

My Ayurveda Doctor : According to me, you are Cancer Free !!

I couldn’t believe those words. Those were some very precious words that any patient would love to hear from a Doctor. I was feeling overwhelmed and my eyes were welling up.

While it is true that my last test reports , few months ago , were all normal , I didn’t want to rush and reduce the dosage.

I do believe that my new ‘Natural Lifestyle’ along with Ayurveda is doing wonders for my body. I do feel good and able to manage most stuff on my own at home and at work too !! . I do get a lot of help from hubby and son 😛

Its been more than 5 years since I started taking Ayurveda Medication and No chemo since then.

And its been 5 months since I started following the Diet prescribed by ‘Natural Lifestyle’ . Surely the combination is working for me 🙂

Thanks to the Almighty for showing me the right path.

I hope and wish more and more people give up wrong eating habits and spend more time on improving their health by eating wholesome food that comes directly from Mother Nature, by exercising, Meditation and most important to have a free mind by letting go , being grateful, by forgiving self and others , giving up resentment and being compassionate to all .

~Love U Life ~


Cough , Cold , Allergy , Asthma : Ayurveda for Prevention and Treatment

I am one of those  who are highly allergic to all kinds of dust and frequently end up with a Sore Throat followed by Bronchitis. A visit to the Doc , followed by Antibiotics and Nebulization … a ritual that was inevitable. 

I was able to successfully get over a recent episode with Ayurvedic Medication and no Antibiotics. I am extremely happy that I can now manage my problem without Antibiotics. Thanks to Dr Nithin, Ayurveda.

However, I still did not get an answer as to why only some people are affected by dust and pollution. Millions of people around us are unaffected and continue to live/work in highly polluted environments. How are they managing ?

Here is a beautiful article that explains  how and why a person ends up with Cough/Cold/Asthma. Understanding ‘Cockroach Theory’ will help in understanding how the Immune System works in our body .

This article is written by Dr Nithin ,Ayurveda .

I had to read this article a few times before I fully understood the how and why and what has to be done to prevent an occurrence of Sore Throat and Asthma.


Here is a summary of what I learnt from that article –

Cockroach Theory : A panic reaction to a situation , whereas the solution is to respond in a calm and composed manner. An example : Customers in a restaurant get panicky and react clumsily on seeing a cockroach whereas the waiter , on whom the cockroach finally lands , stays still , is able to catch hold of the cockroach and throws it out.

The above theory will help us understand how the Immune cells in some bodies overreact instead of responding , when rogue viruses/bacteria enter our body. This overreaction results in excessive production of mucus which clogs the respiratory system. The body then tries to expel this mucus by coughing resulting in a Sore throat. The reason for this kind of reaction by the body is ‘Aggravated Pitta’ .

‘Pitta’ has to be reduced by the following methods (from the article):

  • Recipes like sesame seeds boiled in milk or pumpkin pulp roasted in homemade ghee or almond porridge, halwa etc can be taken.
  • Liberal use of turmeric either in milk or dal to be encouraged as Turmeric reduces inflammation and also breaks rigid bonds of thick mucus which can be expelled easily.
  • All asthmatic and allergic rhinitis patients should take herbal tea of ginger, black pepper, Tulsi leaves, clove, and coriander seeds.  
  • They should eat less of wheat and rice and should consume more of millet like Jwari or Bajri .
  • Once in a week all asthmatic should take Kulthi (Horse gram) dal.
  • Patients of allergic rashes can try having mixed powder of black pepper- 1 or 2 pills + ginger 1/4th teaspoon and candy sugar one teaspoon, once or twice a day.  
  • All of them should strictly avoid all kinds of fast or junk food, pickle, sauces, milkshakes .
  • They should not consume curd, non vegetarian food, heavy , fried food  at night time.
  • All asthma, allergic rhinitis and urticaria patients should religiously do pranayam, as deep breathing will reduce hyper activity and will relax smooth muscles of the air ways, thereby reducing spasms in the air ways and reduction in the episodes of Asthma. Plus deep breathing also helps in reducing inflammation in blood vessels thereby reducing allergic rashes. 


My Plan of Action :

I have started consuming Herbal Tea (ingredients mentioned above) . Will write a post on how I prepare this Herbal Tea.

I just bought Horse gram and looking for recipes on the Internet.

I have to further reduce intake of rice. I rarely consume wheat.

I include Turmeric in the Herbal Tea.

I avoid junk food and don’t consume curd/non-veg at night.






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Alternative Treatments for Cancer


miracle ahead

People with chronic diseases go for various treatments depending on the faith they have in a particular treatment.  Most use allopathy by default, as the duration of treatment is the fastest ,success rate is highest and the results are quick. Some follow a different treatment based on the experiences of their near and dear ones or when Allopathy has no solution or as a last resort.

But usually for cancers Allopathy is the first and foremost treatment that one opts for as the diagnosis itself happens in the third or fourth stage wherein the disease would have progressed to a large extent and Allopathy would be the best treatment. .

I didnt think of Alternative treatments for two years after I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma . I started experiencing side effects of Chemotherapy in the third year and I began scouring the internet for other treatments.

Internet is full of articles on Alternative Treatments . Initially I didnt believe all that was written on various websites and was being said on youtube videos by patients. I found them ridiculous too. Always wondered how it was possible that people are getting cured of Cancer which is not curable . Not just ‘managing’ but they were getting ‘cured’ and have been living for decades without any Allopathic treatment. I felt that these people were just exaggerating , that they wanted people to watch their videos , knowing that many would be looking up , that they were just uploading these videos to get a lot of views/hits. There were websites which talked a lot about a cure but at the end of the page there is a link to a book with a price or some secret methods which confirmed my fears that people only wanted to make money by luring desperate patients.

I wanted to believe all this was true , that there is a way , but was not convinced.

I came across various articles on the reasons for cancer and a cure. Juicing, diet, exercise, detox , supplements, antioxidants , various high frequency protocols, immunotherapy , Ph therapy, effect of yoga and meditation for curing the disease and the reasons for cancer varied from DNA mutations to microbes to lack of Vitamin D , poor diet , stress etc. These are a few of the topics that I was reading and trying to digest . All the information was baffling.

Just when I relapsed , at the end of the third year after my Bone Marrow Transplant for Multiple Myeloma, I came across a blog written by Margaret , a patient with Smouldering Multiple Myeloma. She was using natural supplements and has been successfully ‘managing’ the disease for more than a decade. After reading her blog , all the information and videos that I had seen suddenly flashed across my mind and I began believing all that I had read and seen. Suddenly all of it made sense. I was desperate for an alternative solution.

I talked to my Oncologist if he could recommend any Ayurvedic doctor but he was unaware of any specialist in Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian mode of treatment  which uses natural herbs for curing various ailments. He didnt discourage me from using any alternative treatment and advised me to use ‘Tinaspora Cordifolia’ , a natural immunity boosting supplement.

I recommend everyone to do their own research. Once convinced one has to start incorporating one or more methodologies as per their faith and convenience. One needs to have faith in the treatment and should go all the way and follow the methodologies scrupulously.

I have almost given up food products made with sugar , milk , all purpose flour , rice and also reduced salt intake .All of these comprise a bad diet. These are the five white poisons that Ayurveda recommends to avoid.
I also read that cancer cells feed on sugar. I initially started taking supplements like Curcumin (in the form of turmeric) suggested in Margarets blog , started doing Pranayama and meditation , I also started taking ashwagandha , shigru , punarnava , garlic , had ginger decoction in the morning, eliminated most acidic foods  and lo and behold within three months my MSpike was down to Zero !!

It is nothing short of a miracle.

I was later referred to an Ayurvedic Doctor by another MM survivor and since then I have been using Curcumin and other natural supplements since last one year. Fasting is also part of my regimen. I have been encouraging the use of Curcumin to whomsoever I come across. Curcumin is an extract from turmeric .Turmeric is a spice that is extensively used in South Indian cooking and as a medicine in India for various ailments.

It is one year and 3 months since I started following the new regimen and my M-Spike is in control.

Talk to other patients and their caregivers who follow Alternative treatments make your own decision.

If there is a will to survive , a solution will appear out of the blue. Never give up !!

Have patience and the Miracle will happen.

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No salt No oil diet


I am now following a No salt and No oil diet for two days in a week as instructed by my Ayurvedic doctor.

My diet during these days is as follows

Breakfast : idli or oats , two egg whites
Mid morning snack: Fruit or sprouts or vegetable salad, tea or buttermilk
Lunch : sweet kichdi made with rice , jaggery and moong dal
Teatime : tea, dry fruits and fruit
Dinner: jowar roti with jaggery

I am looking for more variety in the diet.
Each of these days I look forward to the next morning so I can eat foods containing salt and pepper 🙂

Usually salt and pepper go together . Being a South Indian makes things worse. We cannot survive without salt and pepper. Foods without salt don’t have pepper or chilli powder either. So ultimately it becomes a No salt, No oil and No pepper diet. It is a sweet diet.

I cant think of any dish with pepper and no salt. Thankfully i can have sweet foods but the day becomes too sweet 🙂 .

Hope to come up with more No salt No oil and No pepper foods.

I am scouring Internet for more such foods.






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My Diet on fasting and non-fasting days

I am sincerely following the advise of my ayurvedic doctor since last 6 months.
It is now time to change my diet and incorporate ‘Fasting’ along with his medication.


Diet prescribed by my Ayurvedic doctor for 2 weeks is as follows :

Monday,Friday : Fasting ( I can eat 2 or 3 fruits maximum during the day if feeling very hungry , I can have tea 2 or 3 times. For dinner I can have vegetable soup )
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Breakfast : idli/dosa/upma with 2 egg whites
Lunch : rotis made of jowar/Bajra/Ragi flour with vegetable curry and Dal
Snacks during Tea time : dry fruits/fruit/poha with tea
Dinner : vegetable soup and kichdi (moong dal) before 8 pm and papaya along with a few black raisins before sleeping.

Following foods to be avoided :
-white polished rice
-curd at night (butermilk is allowed)
-fried food
-all purpose flour/maida
-Toor dal
-Non veg at night

Following foods are allowed: Urad , Moong and chana dal, Brown rice

Being a South Indian , basically from Hyderabad my typical breakfast consists of Idli/, dosa/upma with coconut/groundnut chutney on weekdays . On Sundays it is Puris/chapati/pesarattu . My lunch/dinner usually consists of Rice with vegetable dal curry , vegetable fry , vegetable chutney, curd or rasam .

With the new diet breakfast is not a major problem.
I bought Jowar , Bajra and Ragi flour from the supermarket . Thankfully all are available . What next ?!. My cook nor I have never prepared rotis with these flours. Started watching youtube videos (my favourite pastime) on how to make rotis with these flours. After watching a few videos , it was time to get moving….Oh no ..we failed miserably…the process requires experienced hands to roll the rotis .
What next !?
I was beginning to get worried. What would i eat for lunch ?? 🙁
I am allowed to eat Brown rice but nooo i dont like Brown rice. 🙁

I remembered watching a video on making ragi dosa ..yesss… i searched for ragi dosa again . I then got an idea. If one can make Ragi Dosa surely there would be recipes for jowar dosa and bajra dosa too….yayyy….i did find a few videos…wowww what a relief.. phew .
But dosas would require oil whereas rotis can be made without using oil. I have no choice and decided to use olive oil to make the dosas. My cook and I made Jowar/Bajra/Ragi Dosas for 2 weeks 🙂

Coming to Soup for Dinner.. I never prepare soup at home. But when we go to restaurants we always order soup.
So it was time to look up some videos on youtube. Found a simple recipe and felt happy.
Kichdi is no big deal and not a problem.

I successfully incorporated this diet for 2 weeks.

On the first day of fasting ie Monday ,I had one cup coffee and 2 cups of Tea. I also had 3 fruits during the day. I was so hungry end of the day that as soon as I went home after work I directly went to the kitchen and started preparing vegetable soup.

Aaah the first spoonful of the veggies in the soup tasted so yummy. I finished off the big bowl of soup in no time. Felt full and so good.

The second day of fasting was on Friday and I went home a bit early , relaxed for a while before I made the soup.I had one cup coffee, and 2 cups of Tea during the day. I also had 3 fruits. Had vegetable soup for dinner.

The soup was made with cabbage , carrot, capsicum , baby corn and spinach. Will write about the soup in my next post.

Fasting during the second week was not very difficult. I was able to manage with 2 fruits and 3 cups of coffee/tea 🙂 This time I tried a different method of making soup. Turned out yummy too. I didn’t feel too hungry and I guess my body understood what I am upto and is beginning to help me 🙂

Will post recipes on my dosas/soups soon.

I am so glad I could successfully complete 2 weeks of the new diet and am confident that I can continue if required.
Anything to improve my health and to forever change and strengthen the cells in my body.
This diet is recommended for all Cancer patients but only under the strict supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor.