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My Diet on fasting and non-fasting days

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I am sincerely following the advise of my ayurvedic doctor since last 6 months.
It is now time to change my diet and incorporate ‘Fasting’ along with his medication.


Diet prescribed by my Ayurvedic doctor for 2 weeks is as follows :

Monday,Friday : Fasting ( I can eat 2 or 3 fruits maximum during the day if feeling very hungry , I can have tea 2 or 3 times. For dinner I can have vegetable soup )
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Breakfast : idli/dosa/upma with 2 egg whites
Lunch : rotis made of jowar/Bajra/Ragi flour with vegetable curry and Dal
Snacks during Tea time : dry fruits/fruit/poha with tea
Dinner : vegetable soup and kichdi (moong dal) before 8 pm and papaya along with a few black raisins before sleeping.

Following foods to be avoided :
-white polished rice
-curd at night (butermilk is allowed)
-fried food
-all purpose flour/maida
-Toor dal
-Non veg at night

Following foods are allowed: Urad , Moong and chana dal, Brown rice

Being a South Indian , basically from Hyderabad my typical breakfast consists of Idli/, dosa/upma with coconut/groundnut chutney on weekdays . On Sundays it is Puris/chapati/pesarattu . My lunch/dinner usually consists of Rice with vegetable dal curry , vegetable fry , vegetable chutney, curd or rasam .

With the new diet breakfast is not a major problem.
I bought Jowar , Bajra and Ragi flour from the supermarket . Thankfully all are available . What next ?!. My cook nor I have never prepared rotis with these flours. Started watching youtube videos (my favourite pastime) on how to make rotis with these flours. After watching a few videos , it was time to get moving….Oh no ..we failed miserably…the process requires experienced hands to roll the rotis .
What next !?
I was beginning to get worried. What would i eat for lunch ?? 🙁
I am allowed to eat Brown rice but nooo i dont like Brown rice. 🙁

I remembered watching a video on making ragi dosa ..yesss… i searched for ragi dosa again . I then got an idea. If one can make Ragi Dosa surely there would be recipes for jowar dosa and bajra dosa too….yayyy….i did find a few videos…wowww what a relief.. phew .
But dosas would require oil whereas rotis can be made without using oil. I have no choice and decided to use olive oil to make the dosas. My cook and I made Jowar/Bajra/Ragi Dosas for 2 weeks 🙂

Coming to Soup for Dinner.. I never prepare soup at home. But when we go to restaurants we always order soup.
So it was time to look up some videos on youtube. Found a simple recipe and felt happy.
Kichdi is no big deal and not a problem.

I successfully incorporated this diet for 2 weeks.

On the first day of fasting ie Monday ,I had one cup coffee and 2 cups of Tea. I also had 3 fruits during the day. I was so hungry end of the day that as soon as I went home after work I directly went to the kitchen and started preparing vegetable soup.

Aaah the first spoonful of the veggies in the soup tasted so yummy. I finished off the big bowl of soup in no time. Felt full and so good.

The second day of fasting was on Friday and I went home a bit early , relaxed for a while before I made the soup.I had one cup coffee, and 2 cups of Tea during the day. I also had 3 fruits. Had vegetable soup for dinner.

The soup was made with cabbage , carrot, capsicum , baby corn and spinach. Will write about the soup in my next post.

Fasting during the second week was not very difficult. I was able to manage with 2 fruits and 3 cups of coffee/tea 🙂 This time I tried a different method of making soup. Turned out yummy too. I didn’t feel too hungry and I guess my body understood what I am upto and is beginning to help me 🙂

Will post recipes on my dosas/soups soon.

I am so glad I could successfully complete 2 weeks of the new diet and am confident that I can continue if required.
Anything to improve my health and to forever change and strengthen the cells in my body.
This diet is recommended for all Cancer patients but only under the strict supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor.

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