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Living with Multiple Myeloma in Hyderabad , India . Random musings .


I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in Oct 2011 and underwent Stem Cell Transplant,  also known as Bone Marrow Transplant in Jan 2012.

My intention in starting this blog is to encourage and inspire other MM fighters not to give up, to give a tough fight and win this battle.

Yes, it is possible. Many others have shown the way. The disease can be treated and can be managed. I have been taking Ayurvedic medication since Jan 2015 and I am off Chemo since Feb 2015.

I also post other interesting events from my day to day life.

I love to click random pics and share them with my near and dear ones.

If ever you see me watching TV, you would notice that I either watch cookery shows or Travel Shows. I do try out new recipes once in a while. I subscribe to a lot of cookery channels on YouTube  :). I travel a lot using Google Earth too :)) 

Information Technology is my bread and butter. I love my work. The ever changing field of IT ensures that my Grey cells are always active 🙂

I love to dance and sketch 🙂 . I also enjoy a little bit of gardening too.

Long drives out of the city are something that I enjoy and always look forward to.

Many times I wonder about this marvel called ‘The Universe’. About the nature of the mind and consciousness. I wish to know and experience the ‘mind’ of the Universe.

Last but not the least , I love Life’s little pleasures 🙂

Life is Beautiful !!

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  1. I too a myeloma Thriver since june 2010. I am founder trustee of a charitable trust called Myeloma friends. It’s only registered NGO for Myeloma. I need your support to conduct a patient group meeting in Hyderabad on 10th or 11th or 12th jan 2020 at Hyderabad . Indian myeloma Congress 3 wants us to organize it . Earlier we had organized in New delhi and TMC actrec in Mumbai.
    Please contact Dilipkumar Mevada 9867338814

  2. Hello : I am not sure whether you’ve received my earlier comment wrt my wife’s myeloma; Can you please confirm when convenient?

  3. I am multiple myeloma patient since 2017 and have done stem cell transplant in Sept’17 after 16 chemos. After reading your blog I consulted Dr. Nitin Kochar and regularly taking the longvida, Ashwamax and Tinospora cordifolia given by him. Since Jan, 18 every month as prescribed by my haematologist I am doing CBC, Calcium, Creatinine and quarterly Immunofixation electrophoresis, serum protein electrophoresis and Beta2 micro globulin tests. All the tests results are within limit. Kappa and M band are absent. I am however still taking Lenalidomide 10mg but want to stop it like you did. I asked Dr. Nitin Kochar about it. He has doubled the dose of Longvida and advised me to continue it then can decide about discontinuing the Lenangio. I request your opinion & advice.

  4. There a lot of them to tell you
    That it can’t be done

    But you blazed a path
    Leaving little wise gems
    For the rest of us to follow

    You, shutterbug, are an inspiration!
    Your mint patch
    Your amla rice
    Your organic compost

    What can I say?
    It’s all an amazing recipe!

  5. You’re an inspiration! God bless you!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your experience as it really helps for me. My mother daignosed multiple myeloma and started ayoorveda and sidha vaidya medicines a month ago. Oncologist told to us to start chemo. we didn’t did it until now. Im a reagular reader of your blog, I would like to get in touch to
    clarify some questions. Please give me one ring 08921416163
    Thak you very much
    God bless you

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