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Raw Mango juice – Aam Panna

A yummy summer drink prepared using raw mango is very popular in the North of India.

It has a cooling effect on the body.

Ingredients :

Raw Mango pieces – 1 cup

Sugar/honey as per taste

Water – 2 cups

Procedure :

Peel the mango and roughly chop the pulp.


Put the mango pieces in a bowl and add water to drown the pieces.


Let the mango pieces cook till they turn mushy.


Allow the pieces to cool down. Use a blender or a mixer grinder to puree the pieces.


If the mango contains a lot of fiber you can use a strainer to remove the fiber.This concentrated mixture can be cooled and stored in the refrigerator for a few days. As and when you wish to make a drink , take a few teaspoons of the concentrate , add sufficient water, sugar/honey to make a sweet n sour yummy drink that quenches your thirst in summer. Garnish with Mint leaves.


The following ingredients can also be added as per your taste :

1.Roasted and powdered cumin seeds .

2.Black pepper powder

3.A pinch of salt

4.Mint leaves can be also be blended along with the mango pieces

Add one or more of the above as per your preference.

I prefer the plain drink.

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Juicing – Pineapple + Orange

There are fresh Pineapples and Oranges in the market these days. I love the smell and taste of ripe pineapples.One reason for not buying pineapples is the effort involved in peeling .
Peeling pineapples at home is a messy job.
Thanfully, these days the vendors do it for us. We just have to choose a pineapple from the pile and hand it over to the vendor. Using a sharp knife he cuts off the top and bottom and then peels away the thick outer layer , places the pineapple in a plastic cover ands it to us. I used 1/3 of the pineapple to prepare the juice today.




The only way to take in more pineapple is by juicing it. Eating a pineapple causes itching in the mouth, so juice it and enjoy.
As usual I add one spoon of honey to the juice.

Sugar is poison so it has to be avoided as much as possible in the food/drinks that we take.