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Picture story from a recent visit to our Village – Apr 2018

Here are a few Pics from my recent visit to our Village near Nellore.

Free Range hens with their little ones . This is one of the most common sights as soon as you leave a city or town. The moment you see them near you , you would be tempted to rush and catch hold of one of those little ones but would fail miserably 🙂


Another common sight is the Dry Hay Stack. Once the harvest season is completed , all the Hay is collected and shaped into this form . It is then tied with a rope, made out the hay, to protect the hay stack from the wind. Cows and Buffaloes munch on this Hay when there is no grass during Summers.


Time to go home after grazing and playing in the fields , the whole day.


This woman has brought her wares , fresh green leafy veggies and Raw Mangoes . She has come all the way from the neighboring village where these are grown. She carries her stuff in a cloth and an Aluminium vessel. People in the villages get to eat fresh veggies which are harvested in the morning or on the previous day. The veggies that we get in the cities , that are on the shelves of the supermarkets and sold by other friendly neighborhood vegetable vendors are from the cold storage’s and would have been lying there for days / weeks / months.


Mango Chutney is being made in the traditional way, using a Stone Mortar and Wooden Pestle . The taste of chutneys is doubled when prepared in this way rather than in a Mixer Grinder. Good exercise for the body too as one has to sit on the floor .


Rice balls (Rice powder + Jaggery water + Ghee ) steamed in a clay pot.


Time for the ducks to go home after eating/playing in the adjacent fields.


Looking forward to my next visit 🙂

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Visit to Nellore

Love spending a few days in a village each year.
Thanks to Mom and Dad , we get to spend a few days every year at my Granny’s village near Nellore. After retirement Dad and Mom took up farming at Granny’s village. Mom loves gardening . Loves to be surrounded by greenery.







The village is about 50km from Nellore and 15 km from Kavali town.
2km from the National quadrilateral and 7km from the Bay of Bengal.

Far from civilization yet not very far.
Village life revolves around agriculture and dairy farming.
Cool breeze from the sea and unpolluted air invigorates the body. Fresh food , be it veggies or poultry or seafood is got straight from the source.

Nov to Mar is the best time to visit this place as this is the main agricultural season in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh.

All that the village folks are interested is to grow their crops and get a bountiful harvest. Their planning is about labour , pesticides, manure , weeding, water sources.

National and International events don’t make any sense. Their village , a few few villages around their village and the nearest town comprises their world.

Though they are connected via TV channels and mobile phones and Internet , end of the day all that they are worried about is the wellness of their crops.
The villages have their share of woes with respect to finances , water sources ,labour scarcity etc. The ultimate worry is the weather.

While we in the cities are bogged down with our career and businesses . National and International politics, Economy , Global warming, pollution etc are the topics of conversation while we are totally oblivious to the problems faced in the villages.

It is a strange feeling when one compares both environments.
Each time i visit the village i feel as if I am travelling to another planet.
And while in the village it feels as if time stands still.

I get back to the city feeling rejuvenated and look forward to my next trip.