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A Miracle called Our Body

Our Body that we take for granted is a Miracle in itself. What other Miracle does one need to believe in a super power.

Every living entity is a Miracle. A single cellular organism is also an intelligent creature. Every multi-cellular organism, including a human being is made up of Billions of cells. Each cell is an organism in itself, made up of several intracellular organelles . Each cell is highly intelligent . These intracellular organelles carry out several important tasks of the Cell. A group of cells form an organ. An organ in turn carries out its own special tasks. Every organ is different . All the organs in turn work together seamlessly to keep our body intact and function as a single Unit. The Intelligence which controls all the body functions is different from our thinking mind. However, both these together are doing a great job to give us a beautiful experience on this beautiful Planet.

I can never stop appreciating the Miracle that is our body.

Isn’t it wonderful that each of these cells love each other a lot and happily live together. We do know that they all ”talk” to each other through the nervous system in their own language 🙂

We, are actually a conglomeration of all these tiny beings . It is our duty to take good care of this conglomeration and not abuse them with wrong habits.

These cute little cells are very sensitive to our thoughts. Our emotions have an effect on their functioning. Hence, we need to always have good thoughts not only for ourselves but also towards other living beings which are also a conglomeration of cells. Poor things get confused when we have ill feelings towards others and become diseased and start disintegrating.

Let us all pamper our bodies with nutritious food, some exercise, some sunshine, lots of good thoughts about ourselves and about others, so the cells are also joyful and healthy. In turn , we too get to enjoy our stint on Earth.

~Be Grateful and Love yourselves~

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Conscious , Subconscious and Witness Consciousness

I remember having read long long ago that the conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg, whereas the Subconscious part of the mind is like the submerged part of the ice which is huuuge. Of late I have been listening to talks by Louise Hay where she mentions about the Conscious and Subconscious parts of the mind. I had begun reading more on these in the last few days.

This morning, during meditation , I got the clarity on the qualities/functions of the Conscious and Subconscious mind and how they are related.

The following is my interpretation –

The Subconscious mind is involuntary and controls/regulates all the bodily processes. It helps us in carrying out all our physiological activities and in maintaining a healthy body. Isn’t is wonderful that we do not have to consciously breath, pump and circulate blood, digest etc. All of this happens involuntarily which is nothing short of a miracle. The Subconscious mind also strongly influences several of our day to day behaviors. The sudden outbursts of anger or sadness etc emerge from our subconscious mind.

Whereas , the conscious mind helps us in planning and carrying out our day to day activities . The conscious mind collects information from the environment using the 5 senses. The conscious mind also get us into trouble by thinking wrong thoughts continuously and also gets us into wrong habits and behaviors which then stay stuck in the Subconscious.

Here is a simple example given by Louise Hay to identify the Conscious and subconscious parts of the mind –

A child wants to learn to ride a bicycle . Initially the child uses the conscious mind to learn to balance the bicycle and slowly becomes steady. During this process the Subconscious mind is also learning the methodology and stores its learnings. Very soon the child is able to ride the bicycle without any effort by the conscious mind. The Subconscious mind now starts functioning and the child effortlessly rides the bicycle. The subconscious mind has learnt its lessons perfectly and from now on drives the conscious mind to ride the bicycle.

We have been blessed with these two different aspects of the mind which carry out very different and very important tasks.

Once a wrong behavior is stuck in the Subconscious it is very difficult to get the behavior out of the system. Thankfully there is a way out 🙂

There is another part of our mind which is the ‘Awareness’ . It is also called as ‘Witness Consciousness’ , as this part of the mind is able to witness/watch the thoughts arising and changing. It has the ability to observe the thoughts in our conscious mind (which are being subtly influenced by the Subconscious) and can guide/monitor/channelize these thoughts in the right direction , thereby slowly and gradually erasing the wrong habits/behaviors from the subconscious.

How does one identify the ‘Witness Consciousness” ? One can identify the ‘Witness consciousness ‘ very easily during Meditation. During Meditation when we sit still , are silent and focus on the breath or any other object we begin to start noticing our thoughts.Sitting still and focusing on the breath may be a little difficult initially. There is some restlessness. Continue with the Meditation and in a few days you will be able to observe the thoughts coming and going. Once we are able to witness our thoughts during Meditation, we can also start being a witness even during normal waking state.

So, it is very important to watch our thoughts and help the conscious and subconscious mind be more positive, thereby control our emotions , behaviors, habits and have a healthy body and mind.

The above inference is my own after listening/reading various sources.

Currently , I am comfortable with this inference and finding it useful in my day to day life.

Hope to be a Witness to all that is happening in my mind and around me.

~Sarve Janaaha Sukhino Bhavanthu~

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Gratitude journal Oct 2019

Extremely grateful for the nice warm bed that I wake up from each morning.

So glad that Electricity has made life so easy.

Thanks to the plumbing system for the hot/cold water flowing from the taps.

All the appliances in the kitchen make cooking so much easier. Thanks to the stove, the water purifier, the electric cooker, the mixer grinder and the refrigerator.

The Sofa, dining table, easy chairs and other furniture make life so comfortable. Grateful for all the furniture.

Transportation is indispensable. Thanks to all the varieties of transport systems, we are able to travel far in a short time. Blessed to have own transport.

Last but not the least , communication systems and Internet have revolutionized our way of life. Life would come to a standstill if communication links broke down.

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Heal yourself.

Of late I have been watching a lot of videos by Anita Moorjani.

Currently watching videos of Louise Hay. Louise Hay says that feelings of Resentment , Guilt, Fear and Criticism cause disease and by certain affirmations of gratitude and love, one can get rid of these feelings, thereby getting healed.

Both Louise and Anita emphasise on loving ourselves and give lots of practical tips on how to actually love ourselves , something that most do not know and are not even aware of the importance of self love. Self love is not the same as vanity or narcissistic.

I have been watching their videos repeatedly and every time there is something new in their talks that makes sense to me and is more acceptable.

I am also enjoying the meditation videos by Louise Hay.

Louise and Anita are a boon to humanity. Both of them beat Cancer and are doing great service by sharing their healing experiences and methods with all.

Apart from all the medications one takes to heal the body, it is equally important to have a healthy mind which in turns helps in healing. Strongly advise everyone to read their books and watch their videos.

I recently came across a practice of ‘Chanting’ . A particular branch of Buddhism has popularized chanting ‘Nam Myoho Range Kyo’. A colleague introduced this to me. The mantra is the essence of Buddhism which says that every individual has the ability to overcome any suffering , any situation. By chanting this mantra , one’s faith increases. Simultaneously the universe also aligns with our efforts, thereby one can achieve their goals.

I also came across a video about ‘Grounding’. A new concept which requires an individual to sit and place their bare feet on the ground, preferably surrounded by nature , for maybe 10 or 15 minutes or more. Then imagine roots growing from the bottom of the feet and going deep into the earth. The imaginary roots then help in absorbing the energy from the earth and into the body. This process helps in calming the mind, relieving stress and in centering the mind.

Anything and everything to stay heal yourself and stay healthy 🙂

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What is Intuition , why to develop Intuition and how to develop Intuition


Of late , I have been listening to talks by Anita Moorjani on YouTube and I came across a few of her videos where she talks about ‘Intuition’ and how to develop Intuition. She also talks about how we are actually Six Sensory beings.

Anita had completely recovered from End stage Cancer after a Near Death Experience. Her talks are very inspiring and help people introspect and change their way of thinking and living a beautiful life which helps in healing. Her talks are all about her realizations during the NDE.

Most of us have heard the word ‘Intuition’ but dismiss it almost immediately. It is usually understood as something similar to Sixth Sense. But, how many of us even pause to think and ponder over this phenomenon. We are too busy to stop and give it a thought . At least I never bothered to give it a thought.

We usually take a decision after a lot of analysis and reasoning. The decisions are influenced by the rules and regulations imposed by the society , the culture , religion etc. The decision also depends on our past experiences.We don’t listen to what our innermost thoughts are actually telling us, our gut feeling is ignored and we sacrifice our wants/desires for the external environment that we are living in.This results in ill health, poor decisions and bad relationships with people. Anita says that one has to follow the gut feeling, the instinct , to be spontaneous ,which is the Intuition. We are too bogged down to even realize that we are not being our natural selves. The result is that we resist our innermost feelings which implies we do not love ourselves as much as we should be , rather we always end up giving and not knowing how to receive.

Here is what Anita has to say about how Intuition is REAL and how one can develop it so we can live a better life.When we trust our Intuition , we trust in ourselves. When we follow our Intuition we love ourselves more , which is an important aspect in healing. Only when we love ourselves we can give to the society.

So here are the steps given by Anita Moorjani to recognize and develop our Intuition :

1.Read/listen about stories/articles/videos on Intuition.

2.Observe what increases your energy and Journal. Monitor your energy levels when you are with different people, places, situations and journal the observations. eg talking to certain people increases our Energy . Being in certain places makes us happy , hobbies like reading , gardening etc are very relaxing to the mind

3.Do more of the things that raise your energy levels eg being in nature, watching certain programs on TV, being with kids , being with family, meditation , pursue a hobby. Spend more time with people you actually enjoy being with and go to places that envigorate you. Certain tasks like Cooking energizes a few people . Do more of whatever you are passionate about .

4.Listen to messages/thoughts while in the shower, dreams, in a certain room, place , while doing routine tasks etc. Journal these messages. Follow them and note whether they had come out well. Notice your gut feeling and follow . Listen to the quiet voice within.

5. Visualize what you want . Visualize yourself completely well.Most importantly visualize what would you do with the rest of the life and what would you stop doing during the rest of your life and start following and live whatever you are visualizing. Your imagination sets the tone for what the future will be . eg health, relationships , finance etc. Also visualize uplifting others energy eg those who are in trouble.

Visualize you are interconnected with everyone and everything around…people, trees, animals , the earth… like a gaint web.. imagine a web with everyone and everything connected…put out Joy and trust into the web ..this expands the yourself

Intuition gives us solutions and makes us feel safe rather than live a fearful life.

I have just begun observing my gut feelings and started to follow them. It does feel good when I follow my gut feelings rather than what my mind is saying . I have started observing that I do get solutions in the shower :)….something that was always happening but realized only now that this is what is called Intuition 🙂

The reason for writing this post is to help me develop my Intuition and also help others to be themselves rather than be influenced by the environment , thereby living a happy , healthy and productive life.

The more we learn to be in the Intuitive state the more creative , innovative , happy and healthy one can be. Using Intuition one can draw more positive situations and opportunities. Intuitive people are better decision makers too.

Here are a few quotes on Intuition by a few popular personalities:-

Intuition is whisper of the Soul – Jiddu Krishnamurty

“It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.” -Henri Poincare

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” – Albert Einstein

“I rely far more on Gut instinct than researching on huge amounts of statistics” – Richard Branson

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Brass Anklets, Ghungroos, Dance, School : Sweet Memories

Came across this pic in a post by ‘Natyagruha’ on Facebook . Those ‘Ghungroos’ took me back to my school days.

I had subscribed to this Facebook page recently and get to watch some of the most beautiful dance performances everyday.

It is a beautiful feeling when I watch the dancers and imagine myself doing those dance steps :).

My interest in dancing started in school where we had this hobby class.

We had the option to choose from Music , Dance , Clay modelling and Drawing.

I chose Dance.

We had one Dance period every week. During the initial years in High school, we had a Bharatnatyam teacher and during the later years we had a Kuchipudi teacher.

I was a good dancer and was always made to stand in the front row during the class 🙂

I always got selected in the Dance competitions among the various Groups in school.

All the practice sessions were fun.We had the privilege to bunk classes for the practice sessions.

The D – day would soon arrive. All the costumes and jewelry would be hired and would arrive in a huge box and placed backstage. The costumes were very bright and colorful , the jewelry glittered and lots of Anklets too. I love the sound of Anklets.

The makeup man would arrive and one by one he would transform all of us into the most beautiful girls. We hardly recognized each other with all the makeup 🙂

Wow , makeup is like magic. The pancake foundation, thick kajal for the eyes, bright red lipstick, blush, nicely arched eyebrows, big bindhi. Little white dots lining the arch of the eyebrows completed the makeup.

A bun is formed with a little hair on top of the back of the head. Rest of the the hair was braided , false-hair was also used to make the plait appear longer. The long braid ends with Jada Kuppalu/Gantalu (three beautiful golden bulbs/bells).

Strings of flowers would be placed around the bun . The braid was then decked with flowers from top to bottom. The ‘sun’ and ‘moon’ ornaments were put in place on either side of the partition on the head .A ‘Tika’ in the center. Nice big earrings dangled from the ears. A nose ring would be pressed to one nostril.

We then got dressed in the costumes.

Rest of the jewelry is decorated over the costume. A big choker and a long chain around the neck, a Vaddanam at the waist , Vanki’s on the forearms…lot of Bangles on the wrists.

Time to apply ‘Alta’ on the hands and feet . Got to take care not to move and not touch anything till the alta dries up. This is instant henna 🙂 which is a bright pink liquid applied on the palms and feet in a traditional design using a brush.

Love the final result.

Once the alta is dried up , time to tie the brass anklets …got to tie them tightly so they don’t loosen up and fall off while doing the performance. I just love the feel and sound of those Ghungroos on my feet.

All set for the performance .There is a little nervousness initially when the curtains on the stage are drawn and I get a glimpse of the audience.

All the lights in front of the stage are focused on us and hence the view of the audience thankfully gets blurred 🙂

Got to be composed and concentrate on the sequence of dance steps and the rhythm.

The show is over and time to get backstage and remove all the jewelry , costumes and Anklets .

I am back home with my parents who meet me backstage.Time to remove the pancake makeup on my face.. I rub a little coconut oil on my face which dissolves the makeup and makes it easy to be washed off.

All the flowers and false hair which are put in place with dozens are hairpins are carefully removed by my mom and sis .

My body feels light and I go to sleep.

I wake up and look forward to the next Dance competition.

Winning was not a priority and I don’t remember having won or lost the competition. It was all about the participation, the practices, the dressing up and the excitement on the D-day.

I always wanted to own a pair of Ghungroos. One day the Dance teacher said they will be ordering Ghungroos on our behalf. I was so excited and told my parents and they accepted immediately. I was sooo happy on receiving my set of Ghungroos . They had a thick yellow thread with intricately and tightly woven ghungroos. The Ghungroos have to be worn on the feet after an act of reverance , by holding them in both the palms and bringing them close to the closed eyes ( a Hindu custom) .

They were one of my most favorite possessions during school.

Somewhere in the rat race of college , job , marriage , kid , those Ghungroos were forgotten and also lost :(.

All those memories came back when I saw this pic.

Felt like pouring my thoughts here.