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What should we bless and why. Blessing and Healing.

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What is a blessing ?

A good thought for the good of others, to wish well for others, to be happy when others are happy , to accept people as they are, and not see any intention in their behaviour is what constitutes a blessing. Unless we forgive and forget what others seem to have done to us we cannot bless. Also, it is very important to love and accept yourself too before you can bless others. Forgive yourself and start fresh.

Why should we bless ?

When we bless ,we are sending a message to the universe that all is well. Only when we feel the abundance does the universe provides us more. Complaining and dissatisfaction leads to further lack in life. This is how the universe works. Visualise all good around you and all good happening to you , and you will be blessed with more.

Your relationships may be bad, your work may be unsatisfactory, you may be suffering with ill health , however continue to bless with your choicest blessings and soon you will attract what you blessed.

Not just blessing by using thoughts , thoughts should be followed by emotions. We have to genuinely feel the positive emotions while blessing. Bless with a lot of love and truly feel the emotions. Mere thoughts will do no good ,but it is a good way to start.

Positive emotions create happy hormones by the glands that help the body heal.

We don’t lose anything by blessing others ,we stand to gain.

What ,who or how should we bless ?

Bless the people who work for you. Bless all those who make your life comfortable, your employees, your driver, your household etc.

Bless your place of work and the facilities,infrastructure. Bless your colleagues. Bless the work you do.

Bless your relationships. Your family, neighbour’s, friends  , relatives.

Bless the electrician, carpenter , plumber, municipal workers ,vegetable vendor, the courier boy who are providing all the comforts.

Bless your sources of income.

Bless your body , all the parts of the body, the different organs that carry out different tasks without our intervention.

Bless all the wise people who guide you and inspire you during your bad times.

Bless the sun, the moon,the planets, the stars.

Bless Mother earth for all the beauty and resources that she provides , like the mountains, the oceans, the forests, the seasons, the flowers ,the fruits..

Bless the food that you eat everyday. Bless all the farmers who grew the food and cooked the food for you.

Bless your place of stay, your home, your heaven.

Bless all the technology which makes our life so much easier like the electronic appliances that we use, the communication equipment, the transport vehicles etc

So, let’s start blessing and experience the shower of blessings from the creator of this universe.

Sarve Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu !!

Author: Lifeisbeautiful the process of discovering my SELF. Enjoying the beautiful journey within, while I am on my way to experience an unknown Dimension.

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