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Diwali and cancellation of my Official trip to Delhi.

Every festival in India is celebrated with gaiety . Diwali too is celebrated in all parts of India in different ways. 

Almost all the Hindus clean up their homes , all family members get involved in decorating the house with Rangoli , thoran and diyas . Most Hindus also perform puja to Goddess Lakshmi in the evening .

There was a time when I too would look forward to Diwali , I still do but now there is some nervousness.

It is due to the burning of firecrackers during Diwali. All the towns and cities turn  into gas chambers and the fog worsens the situation as the weather transitions from Rainy season to the Winter season . The environment turns toxic owning to the harmful chemicals used in the making of  these crackers. 

There is a rise in patients getting admitted to hospitals immediately after Diwali with complaints of respiratory issues. Small children and old are the most affected. In spite of the rise in pollution people do not realize the harm that we are causing to ourselves and the planet by burning crackers.  

Glad that in 2016 the Supreme Court had banned the burning of crackers in Delhi . But, how many heed to the order. Every day some of the News Channels display the pollution levels in the bigger towns and cities in the Country. This year it is learnt that Crackers are already illegally stocked up by the traders in spite of the ban . They will find numerous discreet ways to sell their wares.

I am allergic to dust and all kinds of smoke. I do my best to avoid such environments.This year Diwali is being celebrated on 19 Oct.  I had to cancel my Official trip to Delhi on 23 Oct  for this reason. I cannot take the risk of travelling during this time as the smog in Delhi is very severe and pollution reaches very dangerous levels. Emissions from vehicles, Thermal power plants around Delhi and crop stubble burning around Delhi are the reasons for the severe Smog in Delhi during this part of the year. Add to this all the toxic emissions from burning Fire crackers and you create a recipe for disaster. Delhi turns into the worst polluted city in the world.

Unfortunately , people do not understand and compete with friends and neighbors as to who burns the most crackers. It also pains that the supreme court ban is being  politicized and communal color added 🙁

Looking forward to the day when Firecrackers are banned all over the country . High time the manufacturing of these crackers are banned. Hope to celebrate a noiseless , smokeless  and pollution free Diwali in the near future. 


2013-11-03 18.28.03


Happy Deepawali !!






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Diwali 2015

Diwali is the festival of lights which is celebrated all over India with great gusto. Women enjoy making sweets and lighting diyas after doing Lakshmi Puja and kids love to burn crackers .

Lakshmi Puja is done in the evening.

Goddess of wealth is worshipped for showering her grace. One expresses and feels blessed for being showered with abundance.


Diyas are also worshipped and are ready to be placed outside the house to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into the home.image

Our Balcony is decorated with strings of lights and Diyas.image

I like to place floating candles in the Urli on this day.image

These two diyas will be placed adjacent to the door every evening during Kaartheeka month.image

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Shopping for Diya’s

Diwali is just a few days away.
Time to shop for Diya’s.
These temporary shops in Hydernagar, adjacent to the highway, have lots of beautiful Terracota stuff including diya’s in various patterns and designs.
I can spend an hour watching each one of the items there.
Handicrafts have a special place in my heart.


The creativity,  patience of the craftsmen,  detailing on the objects , the colours  and most importantly , the fact that they are made of clay from Mother Earth is what attracts me to them.