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Living with Multiple Myeloma in Hyderabad , India . Random musings .

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Beeja Publishing house – Authors Mastermind Meet : It’s my turn :)

My book is finally published, and I feel proud that i am an Author now.

Here is the link to my book :

Thanks to Beeja Publishing house for making this possible.

Just a few months back ,I was attending a course by Beeja on how to self-publish a book. There were several online sessions, which also included talks by other published authors sharing their experiences and giving tips to budding authors.

During these sessions, I would imagine a day when I would be sharing my experience and tips.

The D-day has arrived, and this morning, I was the one to share my experiences during the whole process of publishing my book.

It was an exciting session, and all the participants applauded me for my courage in fighting the disease and coming up with the idea of writing a book. Many had purchased the book while the session was in progress.

Many had shared that they know a loved one who is undergoing similar health issues and struggling. They were emotional, and this made me emotional, too.

Felt happy that there are many out there who are willing to try complementary treatments to battle the disease.

I keep coming across several Angel’s in my life, and Geetika of Beeja House is another angel who helped me make my wish come true.

Thank you, Geetika and Team Beeja !!

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My thoughts, emotions , Visualisation goals

I often think about creation and the creator. I also think about how thoughts arise and what exactly are emotions. To some extent it is possible to understand matter becauuse we experience it by our senses. But how do we understand our mind/thoughts/emotions.

These thoughts are triggered whenever I see a flower, a river flowing, when it rains, when I am conscious of my breath, when I see sadness around me , when I see a place of worship, when I see the moon , the stars , the sunrise,when I see kids playing.

I have been reading ,listening to spiritual knowledge for two decades. Unfortunately,  I was unable to practice the spiritual way of thinking and living in my day to day life. Working 6 days a week and struggling to manage home and work created havoc in my life.

All the stress resulted in loss of health.

I retired almost 2 years ago.

All the spiritual knowledge is now helping me think and live differently.

Currently, I spend my time with family and extended family. I guess I feel I have spent enough time outside rather than going inside my mind.

For now, I feel like finding and knowing myself and spending more time with myself.

Everything else seems like clutter. I realized that I have enemies in my own head that I have to deal with. I did my best all these years, but there is much much more to be done internally.

Once i find myself, I will get back to the outside world.

Blessed are those who are efficiently managing the outside and inside world and living life being mentally and physically healthy.

Now that I know about visualisation, I am now working towards complete cure and not depend on any kind of treatment. I just began the visualisation process of curing my body completely.

What is Visualisation?

Visualisation is about imagining a bright future.

Imagine what you would like to do or be in the future.

Have a very vivid image of your future.

Strongly believe that your past is irrelevant.

Feel only positive emotions in every situation and consciously let go of all negative emotions.

Our past has created the present body that we are now having, with all its problems. Let’s first accept that our thoughts have led to an unhealthy body.

Let’s erase our past and look forward to a beautiful future which will create a new body free of all diseases.

Sounds very easy isnt it 🙂 . It is definitely not easy but definitely possible. Thousands of people are benefiting by being aware of their thoughts and changing their thoughts. Not just thoughts but the emotions associated with negative thoughts should be eliminated and replaced with happy emotions.

Happy emotions are about being grateful, being content, being compassionate , being cheerful , letting go, to forgive, to ask for forgiveness, being optimistic etc.

A new you has to emerge by teaching our mind to think differently. To teach the mind to feel the emotions that they will feel when they achieve what they want in the future.

Positive emotions help the brain to rlease happy hormones which increase the bodys immunity , whereas negative emotions like fear, doubt , anger, frustration , jealousy etc make the brain release harmful chemicals leading to disease.

Now that we know how thoughts/emotions/brain affect our body , we should consciously strive to change our thoughts and emotions.

So, lets go….

Will update my progress as I go forward.

Take care of your thoughtss folks !!

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Multiple Myeloma support groups in India

I had never heard of Multiple Myeloma when I was diagnosed in 2011. I was not even prepared to talk to anyone about it and lived in denial.

In 2015 , I came across ‘Yoddhas’ , a support group started by Mr Rahul ,an MM warrior himself. Yoddhas was started in 2014. It was his brainchild that is now led by Ms Rashi and Dr Gayatri Bhat.

Being able to talk to others who have been through the treatment gives a lot of comfort and hope.

In 2022, I learnt about another support group named ‘Myeloma Friends Charitable Trust’ based out of Mumbai. Mr Dilip Kumar Mevada is the founder trustee of MFCT.

Both these groups have an active whatsapp group, which includes patients, caregivers, and oncologists on board. All the members actively participate to share and help each other during their journey. One can ask any query, and they will promptly get an answer for their concerns.

Here are the contact numbers of the support groups-

Yoddhas : Dr Gayatri +919560529222

MFCT : Mr DilipKumar Mevada +919867338814

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Just got curious about Dr Joe Dispenza

I bumped into Dr Joe Dispenza via his videos on YouTube a few months ago. His videos are all about how one can heal themselves using thought alone.

He once had a serious injury on his back and several of his vertebrae broke. He healed himself by reconstructing his vertebrae by visualization in a few months.

He was able to heal himself using just the mind. Sounds unbelievable isn’t it.

He went on to become a neuroscientist to understand how thoughts affect the body.

He now conducts sessions on meditation and is helping many people heal themselves from mental and physiological problems.

Many have shared their testimonials and are available on his YouTube channel.

He has been partnering with scientists to research the effect of meditation on spontaneous healing.

He has written several books. Here are some of the books –

-Breaking the habit of being yourself

-You are the placebo

-Evolve your brain


I found audiobooks of some of his books and have started listening to them.

What I understood as of now from the books is the thoughts and feelings/emotions that accompany our thoughts trigger chemical reactions in our brain. The pineal, hypothalamus, and pituitary glands in our brain produce several hormones, which in turn help in the proper functioning of the organs in our body.

So, wrong/negative thoughts/emotions trigger disease in the body.

Hence, it is imperative that we watch our thoughts and make sure we always have happy and positive emotions.

Feelings of gratitude, compassion,contentment, peace are a must to live a healthy long life.

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Uses of Turmeric Root, Leaves and Flowers

All spices used in Indian kitchens have medicinal properties. The procedure to use them is handed down from grandmothers down to their daughters and grand daughters.

Turmeric is one such spice which is widely used all over India.

Being a fan of the Golden Spice ‘Turmeric’ , I wanted to compile the uses of Turmeric Plant. Most of us are familiar with Turmeric Root. Not many are aware that Turmeric Leaves and Flowers are also used in some countries.

Turmeric Root :- The Root is usually used in the powdered form. However, fresh raw turmeric is also used. The Medicinal properties of Turmeric was known thousands of years ago in ancient India. It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti fungal, anti viral , anti bacterial and hence used extensively in India. The medicinal properties of Turmeric come from its component called Curcumin which imparts the golden colour to Turmeric.

How is Turmeric powder prepared ? – To powder the root, it is first boiled, then chopped into small pieces and then dried under the sun till it dries up completely. The dried pieces are then powdered at home or powdered at a flour mill.This powder is then used in cooking.

It is preferable to prepare Turmeric powder at home from dried Turmeric root. Most Turmeric powder sold in markets is either devoid of curcumin or adulterated. Make sure you buy from a ganuine source. Dry turmeric root can be bought at provision stores or even bought online. Just break the Turmeric root into pieces using a stone and get it powdered at your local flour mill.

Here are the different uses of Turmeric Root :

  1. Recipes – Turmeric powder is a mandatory spice in most Indian kitchens. Most of the recipes use Turmeric as an ingredient. Turmeric imparts a golden colour to the food and also has typical flavour. Thus Turmeric is consumed regularly through food which helps in having a healthy body.
  2. Hindu traditions – Several Hindu traditions/customs/rituals use Turmeric powder. Turmeric paste is applied on the Threshold of the House to repel insects entering the house. Turmeric paste is moulded into a small cone and is worshipped as Lord Ganesha or Parvati Devi. Turmeric powder is offered along with kumkum to other married women when they visit our homes. This is offered as a blessing to wish a long married life to the woman.
  3. Medicine – A drink made with Turmeric powder and other spices boiled in water or milk is used to treat coughs and colds. It is a Blood Thinner and helps in reducing Cramps during periods. Turmeric paste is applied on Bruises to disinfect the wound and heal quickly. Curcumin is also anti cancerous as it induces apoptosis in Cancer cells.
  4. Weddings – Turmeric powder is used in several rituals in Hindu weddings. A lot of turmeric powder is used before, during and after the wedding. In fact , a dried turmeric root ,tied to a string, is traditionally used by the groom and tied around the nect of the bride to signify that they are wedded. Turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom during ‘Haldi ceremony’ by all the kith and kin.
  5. Beauty treatment – Turmeric powder along with other ingredients is made into a paste and applied as a mask , which gives a beautiful glow . Turmeric paste if applied to feet regularly prevents cracked feet. Turmeric paste along with sandalwood powder can heal pimples/acne thereby preventing formation of dark spots.
  6. Pesticide for plants – Turmeric powder mixed in water can be sprayed as a natural pesticide for plants.

Here are a few uses of Turmeric Leaves :

  1. The paste of Turmeric leaves are applied on bruises as it is an antiseptic
  2. Paste of Turmeric leaves is applied on the face to reduce dark spots
  3. Recipes
  4. Recipes – Sweet Rice dumplings (Patholi) are wrapped in Turmeric leaves and steamed. Very popular in Konkan, Mangalore , Goa

Marinated fish is wrapped in Turmeric leaves and steamed.

Idli batter is wrapped in Turmeric Leaves and steamed.

Here are a few ways Turmeric Flowers are used :

Turmeric flowers are chopped and used in preparing Soups and Salads.

Whole Turmeric flower is dipped in batter made with chickpea flour, salt, chilli powder and deep fried to make Pakodas/fritters

You can also grow Turmeric at home if you are interested in gardening. It takes 9 months for the root to be harvested. Fresh/raw turmeric root can be placed under soil during May and harvested in February next year.


A Memoir , my journey with Multiple Myeloma

My long cherished desire to publish a Memoir is now fulfilled.

I have been sharing my journey with Multiple Myeloma , although irregularly via this blog.

However, my wish of keeping it all together in one place in the form of a book.

My Memoir is a chronological sequence of events on being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and what I have been through during and after the treatment.

It’s been 11 years since I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, which is a form of Blood Cancer.

Several self help methods are helping me stay healthy and manage the condition successfully.

Herbal supplements like Curcumin, Ashwagandha etc from an Ayurveda Doctor are the main line of medication and I have not taken any Allopathy medication for the last 7 years.

I am sharing all in detail and here is the link to my book on Amazon.

Hopefully, my experiences will help others.

Do share the link with others who might benefit.

Sarve Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu !!

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Why no posts for the last one year? Writing a Book.

My last post was in December 2021 and there hasn’t been a single post here since then. I had been posting on random events from my life during my journey with Multiple Myeloma. For some reason I began to feel that my journey till now should be available in one place and not spread out in multiple posts in this blog. That I should writing a book.

It has been 11 years since i was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.I had this strong wish that I should share my experiences and learnings with others in the form of a book.

Since my childhood , I would admire authors and was always fascinated about writing a book.

However, I had no clue as to how I should go ahead. I did read up on Publishing houses and the lengthy process involved in getting a book published.

This wish was stuck in my head for a few years and then one fine day I bumped into ‘Beeja Publishing House’

Thanks to Beeja and their Team, I have successfully completed writing my book and it is ready to be published.

I am excited to share this news with you all.

Do keep watching this space.

I will be updating the link to my book very soon.

Till then, Take Care !

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Back to 30 Dec 2011

30 Dec 2011

While in the BMT room, after I was given the medication to kill all my blood cells , on 24 Dec 2011, I was parallely given blood and platelets through IV after two days.

My dad and hubby were busy arranging for blood and platelets. No visitors were permitted to meet me.They would wait all day outside the BMT Main door . All they saw was that a plate full of food went inside, and almost all of it came out.

My mouth was beginning to get dry and sore, and I had no appetite to eat. A lot of good food was being sent, but there was no way I could eat. I was given an ointment to apply inside my mouth before eating. In spite of the ointment I was unable to eat.

Each day, several doctors would see me ,check a few reports, and ask me how I felt and left.

My feet were beginning to get numb, and I found it very difficult to sleep because of a tingling sensation. I would request the nurse to massage my feet as it felt better and was able to sleep for a while.

All these symptoms were because of the medication. I was not aware that I would have these symptoms. I found it strange when duty doctors would ask about these symptoms much before I actually started experiencing them.

Every morning, at around 6am, a blood sample was taken ,to check my blood counts.

I was told that the blood counts would gradually decrease and become zero in a week. Later the counts would increase.

I was a bit worried ,what if the counts do not increase even after a week? After observing my reports for a few days ,my oncologist told me that my counts may take a little longer time.

I used to pray most of the time. I would watch spiritual channels on the TV. I also watched a few TV serials at specific times.

Everyday routine would be the same.

…to be cont’d

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10 years ago, recalling Christmas celebrations by nurses in the BMT wing.

24 Dec 2011

I was welcomed by pretty nurses inside the BMT wing with beautiful smiles..

The whole place was spic and span and looked great. 

I changed into the clothes given by the nurses in the changing room before I was shown my room.

Passed by the nursing station before I entered my room . All the patient rooms were around the nursing station.

The room was bright and spacious with a huge window , a TV screen on the wall in front of the bed ,  a chair ,a side table, and other paraphernalia required for a patient. The room had an attached washroom.

After all the formalities , I settled down and  wondered how I would spend  the next 15 days in this room. Long way to go. I spent the day watching my favorite channels on TV.

I had no clue as to what was in store for me the next couple of weeks. Just went with the flow.

Had good food and slept well.

25 Dec 2011

After breakfast and a nice bath, I was given a medication through IV. I didn’t question what was being given, but my oncologist had told me that this medication would destroy all the bad cells in my blood. I had some vague idea about the process of a stem cell transplant as informed by my oncologist.  I didn’t want to read anything on the Internet when I was advised to do a BMT.

Realized it was Christmas when the duty nurses came and wished me. I returned their greetings . All the nurses had  celebrated by cutting a cake, and one of the nurses gave me a piece of cake, but I was afraid to eat it as I was worried about any kind of contamination.

Every year since my BMT , I recall that day on Christmas.

While chatting with the nurses, I soon learned that almost all the nurses are from kerala.  They all missed their families on Christmas.

By EOD ,I was bored and requested the nurse to stay with me and sleep in the room. We chatted for a while about our families and slept.

I understood how the duty doctors take turns to be with the patients. There was one other patient in another room. The BMT wing had a capacity to handle 8 patients.

I quickly learned that there are 6 nurses in all, and 2 nurses are on an 8-hour shift daily.

It has been just 2 days since I was in the BMT ward. Long way to go, and I already started the countdown.

My Oncologist assured me that I would be home for Sankranti, which is on 13 Jan.

That’s all folks!!

Take care and stay safe.

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Lot of gardening works and harvesting some root vegetables

I had a busy day in the garden today.

As usual ,Srinu, our car driver, helped me with all the activities in the garden.

I started by transplanting two hibiscus plants from small containers to the ground.

Also transplanted a white Butterfly pea plant in the ground. This plant was given by my sister long ago, and I had been mulling over as to where to plant it. A place receiving good sunlight is always best for flowering plants, and I planted this next to the hibiscus plant  in a sunny spot.

I saw a few Taro plants that had stopped growing. I don’t remember when I had planted them. So I decided to remove them. When I uprooted, I was surprised by what I saw. There were several well developed taro bulbs . I  Harvested almost 1kg of Taro bulbs.

Freshly harvested Taro bulbs

Replanted a few taro plants in the same place, and I am hoping for a good harvest next season.

I noticed that my Ivy gourd is not growing well. So, the soil around the plant was loosened, and I added cow manure. Hopefully, I will see some improvements in the growth soon . Also added Ghana jeevamrutham to the soil.

I like the light green color of ferns. Ferns are very delicate plants and cannot tolerate too much light and heat. I have only one plant that is healthy . I wanted to propagate more of these and checked if there were any runners. I found two and carefully uprooted them and replanted in another pot.

I have a pink Adenium, which is still in the same plastic cover since I bought it . The plastic cover was also torn. It’s been 3 years now. Finally, transplanted it into another plastic container.

Last but not least ,I also harvested some ginger. The first time I had planted ginger, and it’s been a long time. The leaves started drying, which is a sign that it is time to harvest. I had planted three small pieces, and the result is not bad at all.

Freshly harvested ginger

I had a satisfying day.

That’s all folks !!

Take care and stay safe.