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Just got curious about Dr Joe Dispenza

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I bumped into Dr Joe Dispenza via his videos on YouTube a few months ago. His videos are all about how one can heal themselves using thought alone.

He once had a serious injury on his back and several of his vertebrae broke. He healed himself by reconstructing his vertebrae by visualization in a few months.

He was able to heal himself using just the mind. Sounds unbelievable isn’t it.

He went on to become a neuroscientist to understand how thoughts affect the body.

He now conducts sessions on meditation and is helping many people heal themselves from mental and physiological problems.

Many have shared their testimonials and are available on his YouTube channel.

He has been partnering with scientists to research the effect of meditation on spontaneous healing.

He has written several books. Here are some of the books –

-Breaking the habit of being yourself

-You are the placebo

-Evolve your brain


I found audiobooks of some of his books and have started listening to them.

What I understood as of now from the books is the thoughts and feelings/emotions that accompany our thoughts trigger chemical reactions in our brain. The pineal, hypothalamus, and pituitary glands in our brain produce several hormones, which in turn help in the proper functioning of the organs in our body.

So, wrong/negative thoughts/emotions trigger disease in the body.

Hence, it is imperative that we watch our thoughts and make sure we always have happy and positive emotions.

Feelings of gratitude, compassion,contentment, peace are a must to live a healthy long life.

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