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Multiple Myeloma support groups in India

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I had never heard of Multiple Myeloma when I was diagnosed in 2011. I was not even prepared to talk to anyone about it and lived in denial.

In 2015 , I came across ‘Yoddhas’ , a support group started by Mr Rahul ,an MM warrior himself. Yoddhas was started in 2014. It was his brainchild that is now led by Ms Rashi and Dr Gayatri Bhat.

Being able to talk to others who have been through the treatment gives a lot of comfort and hope.

In 2022, I learnt about another support group named ‘Myeloma Friends Charitable Trust’ based out of Mumbai. Mr Dilip Kumar Mevada is the founder trustee of MFCT.

Both these groups have an active whatsapp group, which includes patients, caregivers, and oncologists on board. All the members actively participate to share and help each other during their journey. One can ask any query, and they will promptly get an answer for their concerns.

Here are the contact numbers of the support groups-

Yoddhas : Dr Gayatri +919560529222

MFCT : Mr DilipKumar Mevada +919867338814

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