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My thoughts, emotions , Visualisation goals

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I often think about creation and the creator. I also think about how thoughts arise and what exactly are emotions. To some extent it is possible to understand matter becauuse we experience it by our senses. But how do we understand our mind/thoughts/emotions.

These thoughts are triggered whenever I see a flower, a river flowing, when it rains, when I am conscious of my breath, when I see sadness around me , when I see a place of worship, when I see the moon , the stars , the sunrise,when I see kids playing.

I have been reading ,listening to spiritual knowledge for two decades. Unfortunately,  I was unable to practice the spiritual way of thinking and living in my day to day life. Working 6 days a week and struggling to manage home and work created havoc in my life.

All the stress resulted in loss of health.

I retired almost 2 years ago.

All the spiritual knowledge is now helping me think and live differently.

Currently, I spend my time with family and extended family. I guess I feel I have spent enough time outside rather than going inside my mind.

For now, I feel like finding and knowing myself and spending more time with myself.

Everything else seems like clutter. I realized that I have enemies in my own head that I have to deal with. I did my best all these years, but there is much much more to be done internally.

Once i find myself, I will get back to the outside world.

Blessed are those who are efficiently managing the outside and inside world and living life being mentally and physically healthy.

Now that I know about visualisation, I am now working towards complete cure and not depend on any kind of treatment. I just began the visualisation process of curing my body completely.

What is Visualisation?

Visualisation is about imagining a bright future.

Imagine what you would like to do or be in the future.

Have a very vivid image of your future.

Strongly believe that your past is irrelevant.

Feel only positive emotions in every situation and consciously let go of all negative emotions.

Our past has created the present body that we are now having, with all its problems. Let’s first accept that our thoughts have led to an unhealthy body.

Let’s erase our past and look forward to a beautiful future which will create a new body free of all diseases.

Sounds very easy isnt it 🙂 . It is definitely not easy but definitely possible. Thousands of people are benefiting by being aware of their thoughts and changing their thoughts. Not just thoughts but the emotions associated with negative thoughts should be eliminated and replaced with happy emotions.

Happy emotions are about being grateful, being content, being compassionate , being cheerful , letting go, to forgive, to ask for forgiveness, being optimistic etc.

A new you has to emerge by teaching our mind to think differently. To teach the mind to feel the emotions that they will feel when they achieve what they want in the future.

Positive emotions help the brain to rlease happy hormones which increase the bodys immunity , whereas negative emotions like fear, doubt , anger, frustration , jealousy etc make the brain release harmful chemicals leading to disease.

Now that we know how thoughts/emotions/brain affect our body , we should consciously strive to change our thoughts and emotions.

So, lets go….

Will update my progress as I go forward.

Take care of your thoughtss folks !!

Author: Lifeisbeautiful the process of discovering my SELF. Enjoying the beautiful journey within, while I am on my way to experience an unknown Dimension.

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