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Beeja Publishing house – Authors Mastermind Meet : It’s my turn :)

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My book is finally published, and I feel proud that i am an Author now.

Here is the link to my book :

Thanks to Beeja Publishing house for making this possible.

Just a few months back ,I was attending a course by Beeja on how to self-publish a book. There were several online sessions, which also included talks by other published authors sharing their experiences and giving tips to budding authors.

During these sessions, I would imagine a day when I would be sharing my experience and tips.

The D-day has arrived, and this morning, I was the one to share my experiences during the whole process of publishing my book.

It was an exciting session, and all the participants applauded me for my courage in fighting the disease and coming up with the idea of writing a book. Many had purchased the book while the session was in progress.

Many had shared that they know a loved one who is undergoing similar health issues and struggling. They were emotional, and this made me emotional, too.

Felt happy that there are many out there who are willing to try complementary treatments to battle the disease.

I keep coming across several Angel’s in my life, and Geetika of Beeja House is another angel who helped me make my wish come true.

Thank you, Geetika and Team Beeja !!

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