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What should we do when others hurt us

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Very often we come across people or situations which hurt us. There could be several reasons for peoples behaviour towards us. One reason could be that we may have done something to them in the past (this life or past life) which is coming back to us now. Another reason could be that people say or act from their perspective , based on their experiences.

Either way we have no choice but to accept the situation. In situations like this just continue to love yourself. Be nice to your yourself and do not expect others to love you. Respect yourself.

People who hurt us are in pain.

We have three ways to deal with the negative energy that comes towards us. Absorb , reflect or transform the energy.

If we absorb the negative energy we get affected. More Karma gets created.

If we reflect the energy by countering them ,we will be increasing their pain which then creates further problems. We will be accumulating more Karma.

The best option is to transform the energy by telling yourself that you are protected by the universal power. Thus past karma is dissolved. Create good thoughts for them.

Forgive and forget what others have done to you.

Apologise to them in your mind for having done something to them in the past.

From today let there be only love and respect for each other.

Thus no further karma would be created and you can be light in your mind.

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