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How to reduce unnecessary thoughts and be in the present moment

I continue to listen to spiritual knowledge and talks by wise people on various topics.

After many such sessions , I now seem to have a solution to stop all the unnecessary thoughts that keep bombarding with each other in our head.

Usually we are constantly observing what others say, we try to decipher what they are actually trying to say but say something else, we try to counter what others say, we comment on what others do, we recall some old stuff that happenned long ago, we plan our next move , we are unable to let go , unable to forgive others and so on…

Most thoughts revolve around such unnecessary stuff which blocks our creativity, creates stress and anxiety and leads to disease. Our innate nature doesnt like these thoughts but we get stuck and unble to get out of the non-stop chatter in our head.

I have finally found a few ways to handle our mind :

  1. When others say or do something that you cannot tolerate , do not attribute intention . People are a product of their circumstances, they should not be blamed for their behaviour. They too are victims. Just accept and ignore. Just go ahead as if nothing has happenned. If required just laugh it off. This will keep you sane and your mind will have better things to think about.
  2. Bless all the people you come across. They could be your help at home , the milk vendor, the girl/boy at the supermarket counter, the trash collector , your colleague , the cab driver etc. They may appear to be troubling you in different ways but know that they are also going through different problems in their life. Just have good thoughts for them and go ahead with what you have to do.
  3. Be grateful for even the little things in your life. The wonderful bed in your bedroom, the water supply , the home delivery services , the weather , the Sun , the birds and bees etc . The more grateful you are the less noise in your head
  4. Charity is another sure way to keep your mind energetic. Having been blessed with many wonderful things in life , it is our responsibilty to help whose who are less privileged. When the mind is busy thinking of ways to helps others, there is no time for cribbing. Donate online , or an orphanage in your neighbourhood, donate to a Goshala , donate whatever you are not using in your home to your household help.
  5. Speak from your heart , which is natural and inocent and pure. Speak less.
  6. See God in everyone you come across. Everyone is pure at the core of their heart. Very loving towards their own family and close friends. They are made up of love which gets covered with insecure thoughts due to circumstances. Try to see their hidden true nature and the superficial behaviour will have no meaning. We are dependent on everyone directly or indirectly. The whole of humanity is one big machine or one huge organism where each of its parts has a role to play to keep the machine moving.

These are some ways to stop your constant chattering mind. They will surely help you have a clear mind which is in the present moment and not swinging between the past and future. Once you start practicing these you will soon notice that there are very few thoughts in your mind and these are productive and creative thoughts. You will also be in the present moment and at peace.

Not easy initially but keep practising. Continue to watch your own behaviour and responses and keep correcting yourself.

Very soon you will be more at peace with yourself and those around you.