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No salt No oil diet

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I am now following a No salt and No oil diet for two days in a week as instructed by my Ayurvedic doctor.

My diet during these days is as follows

Breakfast : idli or oats , two egg whites
Mid morning snack: Fruit or sprouts or vegetable salad, tea or buttermilk
Lunch : sweet kichdi made with rice , jaggery and moong dal
Teatime : tea, dry fruits and fruit
Dinner: jowar roti with jaggery

I am looking for more variety in the diet.
Each of these days I look forward to the next morning so I can eat foods containing salt and pepper 🙂

Usually salt and pepper go together . Being a South Indian makes things worse. We cannot survive without salt and pepper. Foods without salt don’t have pepper or chilli powder either. So ultimately it becomes a No salt, No oil and No pepper diet. It is a sweet diet.

I cant think of any dish with pepper and no salt. Thankfully i can have sweet foods but the day becomes too sweet 🙂 .

Hope to come up with more No salt No oil and No pepper foods.

I am scouring Internet for more such foods.






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