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Salad dressings

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I have started incorporating salads in my diet. I do not know a lot of ways to prepare a salad. All i know is to cut a few veggies like cabbage , red cabbage , tomatoes, cucumber, sprouts , baby corn, carrots, lettuce  and then add a wee bit of salt , pepper powder , olive oil , lime juice and mix .

I was beginning to get bored of the same ingredients and googled for some variety.

Found this great compilation.

I am enlightened after reading the article and will now be incorporating additional ingredients like honey, chopped almonds/peanuts/dates/walnuts, crushed sesame seeds, raisins , finely chopped mint/coriander/parsley/celery/basil, avocado , fruits .Not all but a few of these ingredients can be added depending on what is available at home.

These days we do get avocado , celery , lettuce , basil in the supermarkets in Hyderabad.

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