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My 6th Birthday after a Stem Cell Transplant

Today is my 6th Birthday after my Stem Cell Transplant in Jan 2012.

Never thought I would live to see my 4th birthday after the Transplant 🙂

I feel like I have taken a rebirth in Jan 2012 and that I am just 6 years old now 🙂

I am off chemo since One and a half years. My Oncologist said that I can meet him after a year which is the bestest news ever. Otherwise I was meeting him every 6 months, sometimes every three months and at times every month. Thanks to Ayurveda and Mother Nature .

I have never been as content as I am now.

I feel like a free 🐦 bird . Happy with little pleasures in life and enjoying my work .

Went to the Temple this morning with hubby and my son. Also took blessings from my parents .

Feel so good to receive wishes and blessings from friends, colleagues and family.

God Bless you all .


5th Birthday after my Bone Marrow Transplant


Today , is my 5th birthday after I underwent BMT.

Feels good. I feel like a 5 year old.

Received lots of good  wishes from my well wishers .  Family, friends and colleagues wished me a wonderful day , a wonderful year and a happy future.

There was a time when such wishes had a different meaning , but now i feel each day is actually a ‘birth’ day , each morning is a fresh slate , every day of the year is actually wonderful not to be wasted with anything remotely negative , to appreciate and be grateful for what we are blessed with.

To understand and appreciate that we are born with a purpose. To help and inspire whenever possible , to fight and never give up , to have hope and faith in divinity , to have faith in yourself .

There was a time when I read quotes like ‘ All we have is NOW’ , ‘Live in the present moment’ etc. I had read  a lot of knowledge given by several spiritual masters. All that did make sense then or rather I thought it made sense but I now realize that I had not understood the true meaning and was unable to practice what was being said. I wanted to but was unable to because I got carried away with the hustle bustle of life.

It all makes perfect sense now. All that I had read is slowly coming into practice.

I am in a way grateful for getting a chance to live life in my own terms finally.

I feel free.

~Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavnthu