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9 years after my BMT , for Multiple Myeloma

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11 Jan 2012 , the day I was discharged from the hospital, post BMT, is still fresh in my mind.

I felt like a new born with a fresh lease of life. God gave me another chance. Since then, each day has been precious.

I have been able to achieve several milestones in my life.

I continued to go to work and did my best. My Son completed his studies and is now working. I successfully scored half century. We completed building our house. These are some of the materialistic achievements.

Through this blog ,friends and colleagues ,I have been able to share my experiences ,thereby helping many in fighting the disease.

Encouraging patients to go ahead with BMT and sharing my success story, by using Ayurveda medication, has given me immense satisfaction.

Extremely thankful and grateful to my Oncologist and Ayurveda Doctor for supporting me all the time.

My family has been the greatest source of strength.

Friends and colleagues have been so understanding and helpful all the while.

After my BMT ,I took leave for 6 months to recuperate. Since then ,I have worked continuously and never took any break. I wanted to work for a few years and then retire.

Finally ,the day has arrived and I have applied for Pre-Mature Voluntary retirement.I am getting relieved on 24 Feb 2021.

I was supposed to be relieved on 30 Nov 2020, but due to some unforeseen events, it didn’t happen.

Looking forward to another exciting phase in my life.

Hope is Real !

Author: Lifeisbeautiful the process of discovering my SELF. Enjoying the beautiful journey within, while I am on my way to experience an unknown Dimension.

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