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Retired from Service

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Finally relieved from Government Service yesterday ie 24 Feb 2021.

I was given a fond farewell by my colleagues.

Felt good to hear all nice stuff about me. I was appreciated for being a down to earth person by some , a task master by few others , a quick learner , having strong will power , someone who can be trusted to complete any given task etc.

Am happy with my contribution to my organization , throughout my 29 years of service.

A recent Company circular had mentioned that those above 50 years of age can opt for Pre-Mature Voluntary Retirement along with Medical benefits. The moment I saw this circular , I decided to apply.

I decided to opt for Pre-Mature Voluntary Retirement while I still had another 8 and half years of Service. There was a mixed reaction to my decision from my colleagues. Some didn’t appreciate as they felt I would regret within a few months. Others agreed that it was the right decision , so I could relax and take care of my health which is more important than money or career.

My family supported my decision.

Extremely grateful to my organization for taking care of my financial needs and also for the excellent medical benefits. All the medical expenses for my BMT were provided by my organization.

I wanted to experience a different life . Surely , 29 years is a long time. Was tired of the same routine everyday and was unable to pursue my passions. There was a feeling of guilt whenever I applied leaves to take rest or recuperate. COVID had forced us to stop taking help from maids . I got lot of support from Hubby and Son , but didn’t like to depend on them,

To me, being alive is more important than career or money.

Having a government job is a blessing as there is job security and most people would do anything to get a government job. However, the decision to retire is an individual’s choice based on their own unique situation.

Many of my younger colleagues are apprehensive of the company’s future and also the security of their job as the company is not doing well.

On waking up this morning , I felt peaceful . Was able to take a shower without rushing….cooked without being in a hurry…had my breakfast in a relaxed state.

There were moments during the day when I was making plans for going to work the next day….hmm …signs of the ‘auto pilot’ mode that I was used to. Hopefully , I will get used to my new life very soon.

Looking forward to the next innings.

Author: Lifeisbeautiful the process of discovering my SELF. Enjoying the beautiful journey within, while I am on my way to experience an unknown Dimension.

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