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Lockdown Dairies – 26 Apr 20: Zoom chat with schoolmates, Supermarkets sealed in Hyderabad during lockdown, Broadband is down, my glasses are repaired and back , kitchen cleanup , spoilt milk as fertilizer.

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Sunday has finally arrived. Had a hectic 6 day week working from home. Earlier , I would see my brother and several others working in IT companies working from home , all the time with ear phones , attending meetings, sitting in front of the laptop or moving around with phone and ear phones plugged in ….. i wasn’t able to understand and appreciate the way they work….it is my turn now and it is definitely very strenuous, been doing exactly what the IT folks have been doing . Learnt that I have to be much more attentive during these sessions and somehow this style of working seems to be more productive. Everyone from our department seems very enthusiastic and working for longer hours.

Came across a news item about a couple of Supermarkets in Hyderabad being sealed for flouting social distancing norms. Either too crowded and no insistence on wearing a mask. This is a good move by the police.

My schoolmates decided to meet on Zoom this morning and it was fun. However , most seem to be having Internet issues, including me 🙂 . Had to log out after a while.

My Broadband is down since yesterday and the service personnel told us that nothing can be done till Monday. Had been using my Mobile Data connection to manage work yesterday. My data plan is limited hence did not want to use it for WebEx through the web. I joined the meeting through a voice call and managed quite well.

Yayy, my reading glasses are back after being repaired !! Thanks to the owner of the organic store whom I know since two years. She took my glasses when she had come for delivering veggies few days ago, she has the permission, they were picked by the optician who is close to her store, repaired and handed over to her after couple of days , and she brought them to me today when she came to deliver veggies . The lockdown has made it very difficult for getting anything repaired.

Spent some time cleaning the kitchen. Feeling good now. I always try to do my best to cleanup after cooking but never do a good job. Have to be more organized. Got so used to the maid/cook doing the cleanup 🙂

There was some leftover milk last night that i didn’t refrigerate. Obviously got spoilt by morning. I had this thought whether it can be used for plants as a fertilizer. I looked up some youtube videos and did find a few where spoilt milk was diluted and given to plants. This is a good source of calcium for the plants which is an important nutrient that plants require. Yellowing of leaves is caused due to calcium deficiency. I diluted the milk with water and gave it to my plants. There are a few plants with yellow leaves.

These days I have been experimenting with different organic fertilizers and this is one of them :). I am discovering a lot about growing plants these days .

Hearing good reviews from family and friends about this Telugu movie Bheeshma. Was unable to watch today. Looking forward to the holiday on 1 May.

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