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Lockdown Dairies- 27 Apr 20 : recording YouTube videos for my channel , Broadband issue rectified , A/C ready to be used, distraught farmers during lockdown

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There are times when I am in the mood of recording a video and sharing on my YouTube channel. I am just a novice and usually share these videos with Family and friends. I am yet to learn some basic video editing skills and also improve the video recording skills. Yet to decide on a video editing software too.In spite of these handicaps i continue to upload a video once in a while. Gives me some happiness in sharing a bit of my life.

So, today is one such day and I recorded two videos with the help of my Son. I am yet to edit them and upload. One of them is about ‘how to prepare Composite Roti’ and the second is ‘Scrambled Egg-Andhra East Godavari style’ 🙂

My Broadband connection issue is finally rectified after hubby personally went to the Exchange and followed up with the Lineman. What a relief !! . I was totally handicapped for 2 full days. My Mobile Data too got exhausted…Phew !! Almost felt lost …:)) . Had to request my hubby and son to switch on their mobile hotspot and they reluctantly did that after putting a limit of the data that i could use… Hmmm

We are almost at the fag end of April and we have not yet switched on the A/C ,though hubby cleaned the filters and ensured they are in working condition and kept them ready for use. Hope we will be able to manage all through summer without A/C .With May coming up ,I am not so sure. The weather is very humid but not very hot and I am sweating like a pig whenever I am cooking/cleaning :).

Saw a video where a distraught farmer was expressing the plight of farmers during the lockdown. His banana plantation was ready to be harvested and he is unable to get labour to cut and transport the fruits. He is pleading with people watching his video to keep forwarding his video instead of other unworthy videos.His final statement is very touching :’what are people going to eat in the future if this is the situation’ . Really bad situation . I hope the government increases the wages of agricultural labour just like the benefits given to the frontline medical staff. Also the farmers should reduce their profits and give more wages to the labourers. The farmers an should also take care of the labourers by ensuring that they are following social distancing and using PPEs.

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