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Lockdown Dairies – 28 Apr 20 : My Youtube channel ,using Talcum powder to drive out ants

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Uploaded my Video to my YouTube channel last night. This is a recipe for preparing slightly different style Scrambled Eggs. Learnt this recipe from a cook in my parents house.This was way back when I was in college. This lady belongs to East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh and her name is Ammaji. I call this dish ‘Ammaji’s Scrambled Eggs’ . There is a slight twist in this preparation and that is the use of water.

Here is the link to the video –

I uploaded another video today ,which I recorded yesterday. This is a composite Roti or Vegetable Roti.

Here is the link. –

I have been eating composite Roti’s for the last three months and they are quite filling. They are healthier, tastier and easy to digest. I learnt this recipe from ‘Natural Lifestyle’.

Appears I am getting addicted to recording and uploading videos. Recorded another video today 🙂

Making videos is a nice hobby :)…. Sharing some useful and interesting stuff with all. Does require a lot of planning, the actual recording , editing , uploading and then watching the number of views the videos are getting.

Lots of ants in my garden ,sucking on all the flowers . I see small ridge gourds growing but they soon turn yellow and dry up. I see lot of ants going up and down these plants.Saw a few videos on how to get rid of the ants and saw there are many solutions too. This evening i did the easiest thing . I sprinkled talcum powder on the plants.Talcum Powder is supposed o suffocate the ants. Got to see if it makes any difference. Fingers crossed. Feeling very upset that my gourds are drying 🙁

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