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Lock-Down Dairies : 29 Apr 20 – My Wish come true, Random Musings

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I started wearing a mask since 2 years , whenever I went out. Be it to the office, shopping malls, supermarkets or any other crowded/dusty places.

I use the standard Mask sold in a Pharmacy. I hardly saw anyone wearing a mask like mine except the Medical staff. I did stand out in the crowd and I did get some glances.

It had become a very important accessory whenever I went out. I always went out in our car and made sure that there were spare masks tucked into the seat pocket and also in my handbag.

This was the best solution that I had to keep myself safe from the dusty and polluted places. Thanks to the mask I never had any respiratory issues.

When I went out ,I would see few men and women using a handkerchief or dupatta to close their noses ,to protect themselves from pollution. Most likely they too had been suffering from respiratory issues or they may be taking precautions. I would then think of all the people living in the cities driving and working in highly polluted places and I always wanted everyone to use a mask like I do. Respiratory problems have been rising in the cities all over the world.

I knew that in Japan it is very common for people to use a proper mask , especially when they are coughing and I wanted people in India to also follow these hygienic habits. I secretly kept wishing that people who see me should get inspired by me and start wearing a good mask.

Hmmm….Little did I know that the day was not too far off when everyone in the world would be wearing a mask.

I will henceforth not be getting any more stares and my wish is fulfilled.

Hopefully the pollution too would reduce with the government and citizens efforts in the future.,

Came across an article today about how one IT company ,that employs lakhs of people, is proposing to have 75% of its workforce working from home.Surely most of the other IT companies too would follow . Working from home is definitely quite effective while carrying out administrative jobs, especially with all the collaborating tools that are now available. With more jobs being carried out from home in the future the traffic should reduce and thus the pollution.

This is my wish now. Seeing most people working from home except those who are actually into core manufacturing , transportation , Medical staff, Agriculture related activity etc. Hopefully ,everyone’s dream of a healthy ,beautiful Blue planet , our only Home , will be realized sooooooon.

The invisible creature is able to control all the unnecessary spending on luxury items, unhealthy eating habits, bad habits like smoking and drinking , on unnecessary travelling etc. We now know that we can survive without all the fancy ways of living.

Majority do realize that nothing else is more important in life than just being alive !!

Uploaded my new cooking video today. Vermicelli Vegetable pulao/upma. Here is the link-

Hope you enjoyed my recipe .

~Stay Home and Stay Safe ~

Author: Lifeisbeautiful the process of discovering my SELF. Enjoying the beautiful journey within, while I am on my way to experience an unknown Dimension.

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