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Lockdown Dairies – 28 Apr 20 : My Youtube channel ,using Talcum powder to drive out ants

Uploaded my Video to my YouTube channel last night. This is a recipe for preparing slightly different style Scrambled Eggs. Learnt this recipe from a cook in my parents house.This was way back when I was in college. This lady belongs to East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh and her name is Ammaji. I call this dish ‘Ammaji’s Scrambled Eggs’ . There is a slight twist in this preparation and that is the use of water.

Here is the link to the video –

I uploaded another video today ,which I recorded yesterday. This is a composite Roti or Vegetable Roti.

Here is the link. –

I have been eating composite Roti’s for the last three months and they are quite filling. They are healthier, tastier and easy to digest. I learnt this recipe from ‘Natural Lifestyle’.

Appears I am getting addicted to recording and uploading videos. Recorded another video today 🙂

Making videos is a nice hobby :)…. Sharing some useful and interesting stuff with all. Does require a lot of planning, the actual recording , editing , uploading and then watching the number of views the videos are getting.

Lots of ants in my garden ,sucking on all the flowers . I see small ridge gourds growing but they soon turn yellow and dry up. I see lot of ants going up and down these plants.Saw a few videos on how to get rid of the ants and saw there are many solutions too. This evening i did the easiest thing . I sprinkled talcum powder on the plants.Talcum Powder is supposed o suffocate the ants. Got to see if it makes any difference. Fingers crossed. Feeling very upset that my gourds are drying 🙁

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Lockdown Dairies – 25 Apr 20 : Harvesting greens in my little garden , Aloo fry by my Son , my current diet

For the first time ,my Son is showing some interest in cooking ….may not have happened if not for COVID-19 …hmmm…anyway good for him.

His Maternal aunt ie my sister sent photos of her daughter ie my niece, cooking in the niece then challenged her cousin ie my Son to prepare some dish and post pics on the family whatsapp group. So my son chose Aloo fry.

I did help him here and there but 75% effort was put by him.

It was time to harvest some greens in my little garden . Here they are –

Two types of Amaranthus varieties.

The lockdown is helping me spend some quality time in gardening . I actually make sure I spend some time with my plants twice a day . I sprayed some Neem oil on the plants this evening. Leaf miner is one problem …also too many ants sucking on the flowers and little ridge gourds. Yet to find a good solution for this problem.

Coming to my diet…I have been following the diet prescribed by an organisation called ‘Natural Lifestyle’. The diet consists of only plant based food with lots of juices, fruits, raw vegetables and cereal only once a day. So far so good and all the parameters in my recent blood reports are normal. And so I have decided to continue this diet. I do cheat once a week :).

Will write more on this diet and lifestyle soon.