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Lockdown Dairies – 23 Apr 20 : A surprise visitor

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It’s been exactly one month since the lockdown started in Telangana state.

Feels like ages , never been this busy in my life. I thought I would be able to watch a lot of movies but that is impossible. But I did manage to watch couple of movies on a public holiday.

Looking forward to the next public holiday comin up on 1 May 20.

Each morning,as soon as I wake up ,I open all the doors and windows . More so during summer. The cool morning breeze is the best part of Summer. It is very humid throughout the day but we have not yet switched on the A/C . Not so hot yet.

So this morning after opening all the doors and windows I went to the bedroom and came back to the hall almost immediately. I see a visitor happily eating the fruits on the dining table sitting on the table.

I was stunned for a moment and let it eat a few fruits before I slowly shooed it away. It was a medium sized one. I looked around to see if it’s family or friends were also around but didn’t find any. I then came out the main door and saw my neighbours , they were trying to tell me something. I told them what had happened and asked if they saw it enter and they said it climbed the Neem tree in my adjacent plot and jumped into our balcony. Thankfully it was not violent.

Later on i spent some time with my plants.

Here is click from this morning.

I liked the shadow and the green shade of the fern in the morning rays of the rising sun and so clicked this .

Wanted to spray Epsom salt liquid on my plants in the evening but had lots of WebEx meeting.Was unable to look at my plants this Evening 🙁

Had raw veggies for my dinner and then prepared dinner for the guys with their help.

Feeling very tired today. WFH is very demanding and I always thought otherwise. Meetings without much advance notice. Meetings late in the evenings. Unable to plan other activities at home. Hubby and son helping me a lot . They too were never used to doing all the work at home.But doing quite well now.

Don’t know what COVID is doing but heard on the Television that cases in Andhra Pradesh are increasing steeply. Came across a message where it said that India is in stage 3 and there is no stopping :(.

All the migrant labour in Mumbai are going back to their homes in Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. Sad to hear about a 12 year old boy succumbing when he almost reached his Village by walk from some other part of the country.

The only way out of this misery is to make use of the lockdown and get as fit as one can so we are prepared. Eat healthy , do some breathing exercises, exercise whatever way you can , meditate if possible. Have lots of fruits and vegetables.

I am gonna sleep early today.

~ Vasudhaiva kutumbakam ~

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