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Lockdown Dairies – 22 Apr 20 : Home delivery , handling electronic gadgets, repairs for my reading glasses, gardening update

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Home delivery services have become an essential part of our daily routine during the lockdown.

I am depending on Big Basket for provisions , couple of deliveries of Organic veggies and for medicines. There was a time when I enjoyed going to the supermarket/organic store and picking stuff but now I have to accept whatever is delivered, especially the quality. Can’t be choosy during these times. The delivery/courier boys have become a lifeline of the economy.

I have been handling all the electronic gadgets in my kitchen with a lot of care, what if they fall and break , what if I overload my mixer grinder and it halts forever… my heart would break , cause there is nowhere one can go to get these repaired or even buy a new one. All such repair shops are closed.

In spite of being so careful ,my reading glasses got into trouble. The thread that holds the glass in place suddenly broke. No optical store is open in the vicinity. The optical store where I ordered these glasses is a little far away and we heard that there were several barricades between our home and this store. I called the owner of this store and asked him if he can send someone to pick up and get them repaired.He said he is helpless and wanted me to take the glasses to his shop.

After a day , I got this beautiful idea of handing over my glasses to the lady who delivers organic veggies to me once a week.Her store is just a few lanes away from the optical store. She has the permission to deliver veggies during the lockdown.

I immediately called her and requested her to help me amd she readily agreed 🙂 . That was a big relief.Currently my glasses are with the optician and I should get them back next week. Hmmm…tough times.

Coming to my gardening gossip , I sprinkled powdered egg shells around my plants this morning. Got to see how my plants are going to react. Also sprayed some insecticide all around my containers and around the little garden patch. Lots of ants sucking on the leaves, flowers and vegetables that are just starting to grow.

~ Lokaah samasthah Sukhino Bhavanthu~

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