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Lockdown Dairies – 21 Apr 20 : Discovery of Epsom salt as Fertilizer for my plants

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Employees in one of the branches of our company have started going to work from today. This branch is located in another state. Long queues outside the main gate with everyone standing inside the white circles drawn on the floor, waiting for their turn to wash their hands at the sinks kept near the gate and then being checked with a Thermal scanner before they were actually permitted to enter the company premises. A video of the above has been circulating on whatsapp. Our premises in Hyderabad too is preparing to open the Factory by sanitizing all the buildings and marking circles near the entry gates.

Hope the hygienic environment  continues inside the premises. Will know more details soon.

Had heard about Epsom salt long ago while watching gardening videos on YouTube buy never took it seriously. However, while watching another gardening video yesterday and I observed that her plants were lush and very healthy .She went on to demonstrate the fertilizer she uses and then she mentions Epsom salt.

This morning when Hubby was about to go out to do some shopping ,I blurted out ‘can you get Epsom salt , try in the Pharmacy ‘ .

I got busy with my WFH thing and forgot about Epsom salt. Hubby comes back and he signals me with a bright face.I didn’t get him for a moment and then my face lighted up and I said ‘Epsom salt?’ and he nodded.

Yayy, I jumped out of my chair and went to have a look at it .

I was so happy. Here it is…

I then spent some time watching few more videos on how to use Epsom salt for plants.

I am yet to spray a solution of Epsom salt on my plants. Will plan tomorrow.

I also came across videos where egg shells are used as plant fertilizer. I did collect a few egg shells , washed them and dried them today. Will powder them tomorrow.

Feeling good that I will be giving these new organic fertilizers to my plants.

Here is my Amaranthus plant which is the bigger variety with big leaves and grows to almost 5 feet. This is called ‘Perugu thota koora’ in Telugu. The seeds of this plant were in the manure that I bought at a plant nursery. I always wanted to have this plant but the seeds I sowed never sprouted. So happy that they appeared through the manure. Here is the picture of this plant that I clicked this morning –

Thanks to the lockdown , I am able to spend some quality time with my plants and learning more about how to take care of them. Loving the experience. Feeling so joyful these days when I see new leaves on my greens and flowering plants blooming well.

~Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavathu~

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