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Lockdown Dairies – 20 Apr 20 : Summer showers / Mango showers / April showers

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Lockdown in Telangana state has been extended upto 7 May 20.

Our CM is being praised for taking good care of migrant labour ,coming from various parts of the country, who are working in construction sites in Hyderabad. The Municipal corporation is hosting the labourers in Function Halls and empty buildings and providing food and Television for their entertainment.

It is peak of Summer here in India but for some reason the weather is much cooler and we don’t really feel the need for switching on the A/C. There are drizzles and sudden gusts of wind during the evenings . Today is  one such day. Whenever it is windy ,my neighbours Mango tree showers one or two mangoes in our plot :). The tree has branches over our plot and whatever grows on these branches belongs to us :p

Today’s showers gave me four mangoes.

They are a bit bruised but are good for making dal or instant chutney.

Had a busy WFH day today. Our Head office is collecting all WFH activities being done by all the branches of our company situated all over India. Though we are a manufacturing company the IT department is working full time though all manufacturing is stopped. For the first time some of us are working from home. All those working from home are highly enthusiastic and the productivity is much higher too 🙂

I don’t need to water my plants today. Went and had a look at how they were doing. They seem very happy in the cool weather :).

~Sarvesham Poornam Bhavathu~

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