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Lockdown Dairies – 24 Apr  20 : cauliflower Manchuria , April showers and a cool evening , composite Roti

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Another very hectic day. Wish I could apply leave. During normal working days I would have definitely applied leave and taken a day off. But there is no such thing as applying leave when one is working from home. No such thing yet in our office. We are doing the WFH thing for the first time.

My lunch today is composite Roti made with Beetroot and lots of curry. BTW I have been following ‘ Natural Lifestyle’ and their way of eating and living ,since last three months.

I wanted to record a video of preparing this Roti and told my son to record while I was making it. My son too is working from home. So we fixed a time for this activity and he did record the video. But I am not happy with the final outcome as the Roti stuck to the pan ;).

Will do a recording again some other day. I do upload videos once in a while on my youtube channel.

There were some showers again this evening and it was very cool outside. I suddenly remembered the summers when I was in school when Dad would place a table fan in the Balcony in the evenings and we all spent a lot of time late into the night and then went inside to sleep. When I told this to hubby ,he placed a pedestal fan in our balcony and we enjoyed the cool breeze for a while.

My son has been asking me to prepare Cauliflower Manchuria, his friend posted this dish on instagram 🙂 , and he started craving since last few days. He watched the recipe on a youtube channel named Cookingshooking and got all the required ingredients from the store. He couldn’t wait till tomorrow and he started pestering me. I was in the midst of preparing the Budget for my department and so guided him now and then. Turned out very well.

I am glad that he has some interest in cooking. Good for him.

That’s it folks !! Take care and Stay safe !!

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