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Easy way to enjoy Grilled food at home |Assembling an Electric Grill | Grilled chicken

Whenever we like to have grilled food we usually head towards a BBQ restaurant. Grilled food is everyones favourite that everyone loves. So, we had this idea of having a grill at home.

Due to the Covid pandemic ,visits to Restaurants or takeaways have completely stopped. But ,the cravings for restaurant style food has not reduced isn’t it :).

After considering all the pros and cons of different types of grills , namely Coal fired , Gas fired and Electric , we decided to get an Electric grill.

Arranging gas supply at the place of grilling may not be easy. While coal fired grills generate a lot of smoke and takes a while to get the coals hot.

Whereas an Electric Grill is easy to assemble. Grill your favourite veg and Non-veg food at your home. Easy to grill in the balcony or in the garden or indoors too. This is a smokeless no hassle way to have a great time with your near and dear ones.

After checking Amazon website for various Electric grills , we placed an order on ‘Clearline Electric Grill’.

Here is the unboxing and Assembling video that I made.

Do watch the video for detailed instructions on how to assemble and make some grilled chicken. Took less than 10 minutes to cook one batch of grilled chicken.

Hope you found the video useful 🙂

~Happy Grilling !! ~