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Living with Multiple Myeloma in Hyderabad , India . Random musings .

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May 2020 :

Inflammation of Gums

This was the time when most of the world was in Lockdown. The dreaded Corona virus made sure everyone was forced to stay put at home. This was one of those rare times when people didn’t dare to visit a hospital even for routine checkups. Thanks to technology , most hospitals came up with online video consultation.

It was during this time that I started to have pain in my gums on the left lower side of my jaw. I immediately messaged my Ayurveda doctor and he told me to make a video call at a particular time. I usually consult my Ayurveda doctor for all minor issues too. I called at the scheduled time and he wanted to see the area via video. I went outdoors as it was bright outside and he saw that the gums were red and swollen.

Herbal Medicine for Inflammation of Gums :

He suggested a herbal medication that has to be used to brush my teeth instead of the regular toothpaste. I followed his advise and found that the pain reduced after brushing a few times and vanished in a couple of days. I felt relieved and happy that the pain subsided. Little did I know what was in store.

I continued using this herbal toothpaste.

Covid lockdown was lifted and life began to get back to normalcy.

Nov 20:

Teeth Chipping and Pain

I noticed that one tooth on the left side, at the site of pain , began chipping off. I had pain whenever I bit something using that teeth. While eating , at times some food would get stuck in the cavity and caused a lot of pain. Slowly , I got used chewing using only the right side of my mouth. Almost half the teeth broke off .

I was apprehensive to visit my Dentist inspite of Covid guidelines being relaxed.

I continued using the herbal tablet for a year and managed successfully.

Nov 21:

Duration and Stages of Root Canal Treatment

A couple of weeks ago the pain got worse and the Herbal tablet wasn’t helping me.

I was forced to visit my Dentist and finally took an appointment.

A Root Canal Treatment had to be done.

A Root Canal specialist examined the tooth and prescribed an antibiotic for 5 days ,as there was an infection in the teeth which was causing the pain. I had to come for the next visit after I completed taking the antibiotics.

During the second visit , when the infection was gone , the Root canal specialist cleaned up the root of the teeth. This process is a bit painful and I did make some noise to signal to the dentist whenever I felt pain. Just bear with a little pain and then life will soon be wonderful. The dentist then filled the cavity with temporary cement. I was told not to chew food on the left side. I had minor pain for a few hours after the process which was soon forgotten.

I was told to come back after a week.

During the third visit , the Cap Specialist took over . She removed the temporary filling and closed the cavity with a permanent filling. The remaining teeth was scraped off completely and the filling was shaped into a small teeth like structure and is in the same colour as the teeth . There was no pain whatsoever . A soft moulding material was used to take an impression of the teeth on the top and bottom. This will be used to manufacture a cap/crown which will be fixed over the temporary teeth. I was advised not to chew food on the left side for a few days.

I am now done with three visits that spanned for almost 15 days. The final cap/crown will be fixed during my next visit.

Feeling good that I will be able to eat comfortably in a few days.

Yayyyy !!

Here are a few pics from recent times –

Puja in Karthika month.

Visit to Starbucks on way back from the Dentist.

Latest harvest from my tiny garden.

That’s all for now.

Please continue to take all precautions against Corona and its variants which seem to be never ending 🙁