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Gardening works all day

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Having recovered from an episode of Sore throat and Bronchitis ,recently, here I am , in the garden. Before I fell sick , I had plans to remove a lot of plants which were either unhealthy ( suffering from pests and virus) or had reached the end of their life .

Now that I am feeling good , I took help of Srinu, our car driver, in carrying out all the tasks in the garden.

Cut down a Papaya tree as all the fruits were dropping off due to some unknown reason. The shade from this tree was also affecting other plants nearby and were not growing well. Sunlight is an essential requirement for plants to grow healthy.

Also removed a lot of weeds and cut the branches of many flowering plants which were growing like wild in all directions. Trimmed the stems of bougainvillea, jasmine and other plants and tied them with strings too.

Removed a broad beans creeper. I harvested several kilos of beans and felt so happy for the bounty. It had stopped growing fresh leaves as it is the end of season.

Also removed a Malabar spinach creeper which occupied a lot of place and began flowering. Once it starts flowering the leaves stop growing. Usually the leaves are used in recipes . The flowers of this plant are also used in some recipes . I made one recipe using these flowers last year but hubby and son were not happy with the outcome. So ,had no other option but to remove the plant.

Transplanted a few tomato saplings from a small container to a bigger one .These saplings sprung up in a container in which I had sown spinach seeds. Must have got mixed up with the spinach seeds.

The bamboo trellis that we installed for the ivy gourd creeper loosened and lowered a little and had to be pushed up and tied again.

My sister gave me a few lemongrass plants and I planted them. I love the lemony flavours of lemon grass and I hope these will grow well. Earlier, I had planted the stems that I bought from online grocery stores ,but they didn’t survive as they had no roots.

My tiny garden now looks clutter free, airy and brighter. There are fewer plants now and I have plans to sow different seeds and plant new saplings.

That was a nice hectic day with some good exercise for the body and mind.

Author: Lifeisbeautiful the process of discovering my SELF. Enjoying the beautiful journey within, while I am on my way to experience an unknown Dimension.

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