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Cap/crown fixed , making a video for YouTube,  watering plants in the garden, phone call from a school friend

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Fixing my  cap/crown, finally !!

Finally, the cap/crown has been fixed, and I need not visit the dental clinic again. I had to visit 5 times for one root canal treatment. The dentist is known to us since 4 decades, and they do a great job. It is one of the best clinics in Hyderabad and a favorite of several celebrities in our city.

I heard a Naturopathy doctor saying that only human beings have cavities, and no other animal has this problem. This is a clear indication that we are not eating the right food. While animals eat what they are meant to eat as per their instinct.

Cavities are so painful. I can’t imagine what we would do if there are no dentists :).

Making a YouTube video on Farmizen –

I have started making a video on Farmizen. As a subscriber of Farmizen for four years and quite happy with their services . I was able to get my organic veggies ,directly from the farm, delivered to our home even during Covid lockdowns. I am sure there are many customer’s out there who have a wish to buy organic veggies but have no clue where to get them. I was in a similar situation four years ago, so I wanted to do my bit and share my experience with Farmizen with  others , too .

Collected all the video clips , photos and screen recordings that I will be using for the final video. Started doing a voice over for the video. I will definitely share a link to the video here once I publish it on YouTube.

Garden update –

I spent around 30 minutes this morning watering all the plants in my tiny garden. There are not a lot of plants now, but I am seriously planning to sow a few seeds soon. I harvested a few green chillies and ivy gourds and made a chutney with them for lunch. My Ivy gourd plant is unable to grow well due to squirrels. They are eating the fresh and tender stems, due to which the plant is unable to grow. I don’t really know how to ward off the squirrels.

I have seen doves eating tender shoots of plants.I have seen snails eating plants. They eat as per their instinct. We humans eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. There are many others too that we don’t eat. So how did we know what to eat and what not to eat? Did we learn from the other animals and birds and insects by watching them ??

Phone call from a school friend –

I received a call from my school friend this morning.  She lives in Chennai and is in Hyderabad to meet her parents.  We may plan to meet during the next few days if possible .

Would have met many friends from school and college , during the last two years, if there was no COVID.

That’s all folks !!

Take care and stay safe !!

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