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Pedicure at home, Visit to the Dentist, Terrazo Art

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Here are a few of my activities today –

Pedicure at home :

After being sick for a few days ,I felt like pampering myself. I had this feeling that I was ignoring my feet these days. Our body is the biggest miracle and so we have to be thankful to every part of our body ,internal and external. Our feet bear our weight and help us move around and travel to any part of of world.

I started the pedicure by cutting the nails on my feet and then soaked my feet in a plastic tub filled with Luke warm water. After 10 minutes I applied some liquid soap and scrubbed the feet with a plastic brush and pumice stone. Cleaned up with fresh water and wiped them dry. Applied moisturizer to the feet.

I can now hear my feet thanking me 🙂

Visit to the Dentist Clinic :

I was looking forward to a call from the clinic telling me that my cap/crown is ready. Unfortunately , it was not ready :(. They wanted me to come to the clinic to take the mould of my teeth once again as the mould broke in the Lab.

So, went to the clinic and it was all over quickly. Taking the mould is just a few minutes activity.

I hope to get a call next week to fix the final cap/crown.

Terrazo Art:

I came across an advertisement regarding a course on Terrazo Art on Facebook this morning.

An online course was being conducted. As per the catalogue , they would teach how to make planters using Terrazo Art.

Heard abot Terrazo Art for the first time . Being a curious person I searched the net for further details. Checked out a few videos and learnt that an eco friendly powder called jesmonite is used to make a sludge using water , which is then poured into ready-made moulds. Takes just 10 minutes to cure and the planter is ready. Chips are also made in different colours using the same powder and added to the sludge before pouring into the moulds.

Have seen videos of people making planters, trays , coasters , jewellery etc.

Just wanted to check if Terrazo planters are being sold online and found that they are quite expensive compared to plastic or terracota planters. They look good too. Hmmm, some day , when I feel like getting my hands dirty , I will attend the course and will make a Terrazo planter for my garden :)). The raw materials like Jesmonite, acrylic colours , moulds are easily available online.

Thats all folks !! Take Care !!

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