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Lock-Down Dairies – 4 May 20 : reopening of our company operations and preparing for a new way of living

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A circular was issued by our HR department regarding starting of operations by our company from tomorrow.

A lot of confusion initially as to who should get back to work as a lot of employees live in Red zones and containment zones and also live very far off from the office.

There will be 2 shifts of 5 hours each and not more than 50% in each shift. A roster was prepared and sent by the Heads of Department to all their team .

Another circular also sent to all regarding sending a request for approval for working from home in case the employee has any issues.

I stay 15 km from my place of work , I use personal transport and my driver to is now in his village and I dont drive and my place is also in GHMC limits whereas my Office is not in GHMC limits. Hence, I applied for WFH. Yet to receive a confirmation approving my request from my HOD.

The central government has imposed lockdown till 17 May 20 ,whereas the State Government upto 7 May 20.

Got to wait till tomorrow for the state cabinet to decide on the future of the lockdown.

Called my driver to know how he and his family were doing and also to hint to him that my office is starting.

All of us have to mentally start preparing for a new lifestyle. Just when we all are getting used to the present circumstances we now have to start thinking of new way of life :

~ Sarve janaja sukhino bhavanthu ~

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