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Lock-Down Dairies – 3 May 20  : Soapstone vessels , Chinna Rasalu (small juicy mangoes)

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I had bought one Soapstone vessel almost a year ago. But before using it for cooking, the vessel has to be seasoned. I kept postponing this job till the lockdown happened and I said to myself that I will complete this activity during the lockdown. This Vessel is called as Kal chatti in Tamil and Rachippa in Telugu. A traditional utensil which has a lot of wonderful benefits.

The seasoning process is very lengthy and takes a minimum of 15 days. I am making a video on the process and will upload once completed.

Summer and Mangoes are synonymous in India. Got my hands on the first Mango of the season and enjoyed thoroughly. I like the ‘Chinni Rasalu’ variety which hubby got today.

Watched the movie ‘Parasite’ . Crazy movie which I didn’t like. But while watching the movie I realised that very recently I had come across what are called Bunkers in houses in South Korea. Wanted to know more about these and unknowingly ended up watching a movie which revolves around the Bunker in a house. Strange coincidence.

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