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My ‘Life Support System’

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I wouldn’t be treading this beautiful planet if it weren’t for some special people in my life to whom I will be forever indebted.

My Oncologist , a thorough  gentleman always positive and encouraging . When I had questions he would patiently explain in detail. Made the ASCT ( Autologous Stem Cell Transplant) process appear very simple which helped me go ahead with confidence. I completely surrendered to him He continues to support me while I try alternative therapies.
My parents who had sleepless nights and helped me recover from the terrible after effects of chemo. At times I would be so irritated with the discomfort that I would push away the glass of drink that my dad offered to me.
I am so sorry Nanna.
Love you Amma , Nanna .

Hubby makes sure I have all the medicines at all times …reminds me when I am due for the blood tests,fixes an appointment with the doctor. I don’t have to think when my next blood tests are due. Took care of me like a baby , feeding and giving medications on time when I was admitted in the hospital before and after the Transplant. His highly disciplined military style ensures that everything happens on dot 🙂  Nurses can relax  when he is around 🙂 He has been very patient all the while and continues to bear with my grumpiness till date.My son too bears with my erratic behavior .


I am so grateful to my organisation that bore all the expenses for the Transplant.
My colleagues at work have been super accommodating. I would go to work but did not have the energy to take up any tasks…they just patiently waited for me to bounce back.Initially it was very difficult for me to sit for 10 hrs every day including travelling. No one ever made me feel that I was sick. They didn’t shun me nor avoided me, which is what I had expected. I was part of all the events and occasions. Such wonderful people they are.Once I had  bounced back I started volunteering for more assignments and now I am also made responsible for some important tasks in the organisation.

I also have good domestic help to take care of the household chores. To take care of cooking and cleaning and to drive me to work everyday. May God bless them.

I am also being taken care of by Mother nature which is nourishing me through the various leaves, seeds and roots of medicinal plants. I have also surrendered myself to my Ayurvedic doctor who is treating me with various herbs.

There are also a few good online friends who keep me going with their encouraging words.

How can I not mention the invisible spiritual guidance which is supporting me all the while. Without which I would have given up the fight long ago.

A disease like Cancer requires hell of a lot of support from all directions and from within.

How many are blessed with this kind of support system. It pains me a lot to see the suffering that people are going through and are giving up due to various reasons. A lot more has to be done quickly by  medical research. Oncologists and hospitals should treat patients with a holistic approach by including counselling sessions to the patients and  their caregivers.Alternative therapies should be a part of the treatment.

Feeling blessed.

  ~~Lokaan Samasthaan Sukhino Bhavanthu~~

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