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Living with Multiple Myeloma in Hyderabad , India . Random musings .

My diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma

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I had always been anemic since I was in my teens. I frequently suffered from tonsillitis and throat infections which required antibiotics. I always had this fear that I may be having throat cancer 🙂


One day, 5 years ago, I collapsed and was struggling with stomach upset , throat infection and chills . Met a physician who lives close to where we live . He recommended blood tests which revealed that my Hb was 6 . I was advised to go for a blood transfusion.
We were not ready to get a transfusion and decided to go to Apollo hospital, Hyderabad to get a second opinion. I boldly walked into the hospital emergency and got admitted by showing my previous reports.

I was in the hospital for three days . Several tests were done, blood tests, Xray, bone scan and a Bone marrow test. I knew why the test is done but was confident that I was fine.

The test confirmed I was suffering with Multiple Myeloma.

A couple of new doctors came in and interviewed me about my past record . I told them about the compression fracture in my spinal cord..I was least aware of the seriousness behind the scenes. I was told to get a ‘port’ inserted into a blood vessel my arm . Now there was some suspicion that something was wrong but no one told/discussed anything with me , not even the doctor or nurses.I didnt ask any questions either. Inspite of being a very curious person always , I was too scared to ask..We just went about doing whatever was to be done. Everyone including my parents, hubby , sister appeared very normal and cheerful.

On the third day , with the port in my arm I was told to go to another wing to get an injection through the port. We entered a building which no one would ever want to even look at, the Cancer wing of the hospital. My worst fears began appearing to be real, but I was not ready to ask/confirm nor anyone around me was ready to talk.

While I type these words my heart seems to have stopped beating and I have tears in my eyes and my body is trembling.

My Oncologist had suggested that I should start chemo immediately. A second opinion was quickly taken and we went ahead to take the injections.

I put on a brave face and entered the Chemo ward where I saw many other patients on beds with IV.  I wanted to run away from the place. I hated myself for being in this place. I rebelled inside , that I don’t have cancer, even while an injection was being given to me, my first Chemo injection.  We came home. The next day I had very high temperature and thought I would die . But here I am , after 5 years , after undergoing Stem Cell Therapy . Hope to live and write for many more years to come .

Hope to tell my story to many more , to inspire and give them hope so they can fight and never give up.

People around me , my parents,my hubby, friends and colleagues, continue to be cheerful and their attitude is definitely helping me stay strong.

The attitude and behavior of people around a cancer patient can heal/break the patient.

All caretakers must appear cheerful when they are around a patient and help them feel normal and feel good about themselves. Give them the assurance that new and improved medications are now available , which is a fact too, and more will be available as we go forward. One can also try Alternative treatments simultaneously.


The same applies to a patient too. To appear calm and try to be as cheerful as you can ,so that people around you can also stay strong and in turn can help you to heal better and faster.

Author: Lifeisbeautiful the process of discovering my SELF. Enjoying the beautiful journey within, while I am on my way to experience an unknown Dimension.

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