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Living with Multiple Myeloma in Hyderabad , India . Random musings .

Random musings !!

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Wishing I was Fishing –

My Ayurvedic diet includes fish but the biggest problem is that we dont get fresh fish 🙁  . I was having this terrible craving for fish. After some brainstorming I decided that we should go to the nearest river and get some fresh fish from there. The closest place is Manjeera river near Sangareddy. Told my idea to mom and she readily accepted to go. She doesnt like to buy fish that come in boxes full of ice at the usual fish markets and I have taken after her. So mom and I went to Manjeera Dam near Sangareddy with our driver .We were happy with the fish that we bought 🙂 . Thoroughly enjoyed Fish fry and Fish pulusu after a looong time.Mom makes the best ‘Nellore Chepala Pulusu’ in the world !! I see mom and myself going there more often from now onwards 🙂 . Its been a month and its time to go fishing .

Diwali and my sickness –

Diwali has come and gone and this time I was down with cough/cold/severe bronchitis and was unable to celebrate. My two little nieces helped me perform Lakshmi Puja in the evening and also lit up all the Diyas. Love these little girls . I was down for almost 10 days and I wasn’t able to eat/drink anything .There was no appetite. The side effect of medication ensured that my stomach was out of order. I was watching cooking videos during those days. I wanted to eat but was unable to eat as the stomach felt uneasy and heavy all the time.

Once I recovered , my hunger doubled and I have been eating like crazy.Custard apples are in season and these are my favourite too. I would eat them first thing in the morning … and also the first thing after I came home from work. Was craving for mirchi bajjis and bought them at a local sweet shop. Wanted to eat chicken Biryani and made it at home. Made bean soup one day.Will post the recipe. I have never been this hungry 🙂 Since one week I have been doing all the cooking, cooking stuff my way, and told my cook to relax and just help me and watch me while I cook. Poor lady gets terrified whenever I come to the stove, for fear of losing her job. I have to plead with her to allow me cook 🙂

Votes and Notes –

Last few days have shocked the world with Trumps votes and Modis ban of 500 and 1000 notes. Notes and Votes were the only discussions everywhere. A strange experience for all .The rich ,the poor and common man were affected one way or the other.The world was either Red/Blue or Black/White.

Wine and Immunity –

Yesterday I received a whatsapp message from my Ayurvedic doctor about his article on the benefits of wine and who should drink Dry / Sweet wine based on the ‘dosha’of their body. Wine has antioxidants which boost the immune system. When I asked him if wine would help me,  I have a weak immune system, he said I can take Dry wine in small quantities twice a week. So, currently , I am doing some research on the different types of Wines 🙂

…….and its time for me to get my CBP , LFT and RFT tests done. Will give the sample this Sunday. Time to also get a Bone Marrow Test done. I feel ok and hope all will be well.

An ISMS Internal Audit is coming up next week which is keeping me busy at work.


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