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Reprogramming the DNA

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Like most kids, it was in High school that I first learnt about DNA , during the Biology class . We learnt about the structure of a ‘cell’ , the various components of a ‘cell’ and also about the functions of these components. Most of us know that the most important part of a cell is its ‘DNA’ . That it contains the ‘code/program (set of instructions)’ which controls how a cell should behave. Due to various known/unknown reasons the code/program in the DNA gets corrupted. There have been several scientific studies which claim that the DNA of a cell can be reprogrammed. Ayurvedic experts too vouch for the fact that it is possible through Meditation. I now wish to refresh my knowledge about the cell and its contents . I wish to meditate on the cells in my Bone marrow and try to reprogram them, because the ‘program’ in my DNA is misbehaving. My plasma cells (one of the various types of cells in the blood) are going bonkers. They don’t do their job nor do they die. Whereas a normal healthy cell carries out its function ,multiplies and dies . These junk cells remain in the blood stream and block the filters in the kidneys.The job of kidneys is to filter blood by removing dead and toxic impurities/cells in the blood. In order to refresh my knowledge about cells , I spent some time reading a bit about them on the Internet. Here is a picture of the contents of a cell.


The various ‘cells’ which comprise our body are usually taken for granted . A cell is a microcosm in itself. The ‘cell’ in turn contains several organelles like mitochondria , Golgi apparatus , Ribosomes , Lysosomes  etc. Each of these components carries out a specific function within the cell.  The functionality of the cell is mind boggling. A ‘cell’ also has a ‘Nucleus’ which contains ‘chromosomes’. There are 23 pairs of chromosomes in each cell. Each of the chromosomes in a pair is received from each of the parents. It is these chromosomes which contain the DNA of the cell. cell-nucleus-diagram

“The nucleus is a highly specialized organelle that serves as the information and administrative center of the cell. This organelle has two major functions. It stores the cell’s hereditary material, or DNA, and it coordinates the cell’s activities, which include intermediary metabolism, growth, protein synthesis, and reproduction (cell division). “

The DNA is a double helix structure which comprises several ‘genes’.It is these genes which in turn contain the code which determines how various cells in various organs and various parts of the body should function. what-is-a-chromosome11 DNA

Now that the image of a cell and its details are imprinted on my mind , it would be easier to visualize and talk to it while I meditate and try to reprogram them. I had read that one has to visualize the DNA to be glowing with bluish light during Meditation. So, the prerequisite to doing this is to know how to Meditate. Will write about this in another post.

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