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Multiple Myeloma , Lenalidamide and relief from the associated nagging dry cough


For 3 years after my Autologous Stem Cell Transplant , i was on Thalidomide. My doctor changed the prescription 3 months ago due to a relapse.

While changing the medication , the doctor said ‘Sorry, let’s be prepared for another round of SCT after 3 months from now ‘
We were sad on hearing the news but also glad that we had an option for another round of SCT.

I am on Lenalidamide since 3 months. For 2 months i was using 10 mg . The counts were dropping , especially TLC count, and hence my doc decided to reduce the dosage to 5 mg.

During the third month i developed a persistent dry cough . The symptoms didn’t go away in spite of using anti allergic tabs and Antibiotics. Moreover the cough worsened. The insides of the throat were swollen , it was painful too.
I used to gargle using warm salt water, did steam inhalation , applied ‘Zinda tilismath'(a unani tincture) inside the throat but none helped.

Over the last two years I had been exploring alternative treatments like Ayurveda on the Internet. I also had been researching on various immunity boosting foods.

I zeroed in on Garlic and started consuming a couple of pods in the morning and evening. To my surprise i noticed that the symptoms reduced and my throat was quite comfortable as long i took the pods.

At the end of the 3rd cycle of Lenalidamide , i went for the routine blood and urine investigations ie CBP, LFT , RFT.
Me and my hubby were surprised to see that the TLC count had improved . The globulin level too remained at the same level as last month.

Met my doctor along with the reports and he too was surprised when he compared the current report with the previous month’s report.
He asked me if i changed ‘something’ . I smiled and said ‘yes’ ๐Ÿ™‚ I am consuming garlic.

He said the situation is not alarming and we can continue the same medication for another month.
I was excited on getting an extension of one month. I decided i will continue to use garlic during this cycle too.
I am confident that the counts will stabilize and reach the normal range.

The smell of raw Garlic is unbearable, it is very spicy and makes the breath smell very bad.

Procedure i use to consume Garlic :
crush 2 pods . I use a small mortal and thistle.
Leave it for a minute.
Now add the crushed garlic to curd/yogurt ( 4-5 tsp) .
Mix it well and consume .

Here are some tips to get rid of bad breath because of garlic ๐Ÿ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Multiple Myeloma , Lenalidamide and relief from the associated nagging dry cough

  1. Thanks for sharing, my dad also had multiple myeloma in 2016 , they start giving him velcade right way after one year velcade stop working they start giving him cafilnat high dose in December 2017 suddenly 3 period of this chemo first week of January 2018 my dad had really bad cough it took 1 month for stop cough , they wanna restart so before restart they did test in February 2018 miracley my dad report are total normal so they stop chemo for 4 weeks in March report came again normal so they said they will do test again after 12 weeks until my dad start lenomide 10 mg and after 12 weeks report are again normal
    Still my dad have this dry cough problem whenever I head my dad cough I get really scare
    So Iโ€™m goona start giving ginger letโ€™s see

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