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Living with Multiple Myeloma since Jan 2012

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Let’s rewind back to Jan 2012 .

11 Jan 2012 : The day I was discharged from the hospital after undergoing Autologous Stem Cell  Transplant for Multiple Myeloma.

The last 3 years have been full of ups and downs wrt the condition of my health. Had to deal with several infections (skin, eye , throat , stomach ) one after the other .

I had been using Thalix (Thalidomide ) for the last 3 years. Started with 50mg and increased to 100mg.

Side effects of this medication are muscle cramps in the calf’s and near the ribs , infection around the toe nails and numbness in the hands and feet (neuropathy)

All the other supplements namely Iron, B12, calcium ,antioxidant,  an immuno modulator (ayurvedic capsule advised by my doctor) ,  kept me propped up .

I had to do my bit to keep my Creatinine levels low by avoiding high Potassium foods (advised by my doctor) . A renal diet was ideal and i did my best to stick to it.

I had to go for a check up every 6 months where a ‘Bone marrow aspiration’ was carried out at the sternum and tested .

Last year i had to take 2 cycles of Bortozomib.

Life goes on….

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