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Living with Multiple Myeloma in Hyderabad , India . Random musings .

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My ‘Curcumin Regimen’ and other Natural supplements for Multiple Myeloma

I have been using the following Natural supplements since 2 months ,inspired by Margaret . Some i have included based on other research  . I am confident that these natural supplements are doing a great job .
1. Haridra (Circuma Longa/Turmeric) 400mg from Himalaya  – 2-3 times a day
2. ‘Flaxseed oil’ capsules 500mg from Sri Sri Ayurveda – along with Haridra
3. ‘Garlic oil’ capsules 500mg from Sri Sri ayurveda – 2 times a day ( self discovery . noticed that severe itching in my throat because of Lenalidomide subsides with Garlic)
4. ‘Ashwagandha’ capsules (Withania somnifera)  250mg from Himalaya – 2 times a day
5. ‘Guduchi’ capsules 250mg (Tinaspora cordifolia) from Himalaya – 2 times (advised by my Oncologist)
6. ‘Shigru’ capsules 250mg (Moringa pterygosperma) from Himalaya 250mg – 2 times a day
7. Amla candy (Goose Berry , rich in Vit C ) 4-5 pieces – 2 times a day .
8. Every morning i drink ginger (one inch piece)  decoction to which Lemon juice (quarter lemon) and turmeric powder (from my kitchen) is added.
9. At times i replace ginger decoction with decoction made with leaves of Simarouba Glauca (There is a post on this in my blog ) I add Turmeric powder (from the spice rack in my kitchen 🙂 ) and lemon juice.
Apart from the above i continue to take the following Allopathic medications as per the advise of my Oncologist and Physician :
1. Renerve (Methylcobalamin ie B12)– One per day
2. Antoxid HC (Beta carotene,Selenium,Zinc Sulphate,Manganese , Copper– One per day
3. Calferon plus ( Calcium,D3 (Vit D) )- 2 times
4. Acivir (Anti viral)- 800mg (one every alternate day)
5. Lenangio (Lenalidomide) – 5mg ( one per day)
6. Dexorange (Hematinic syrup) – once or twice a day whenever my Hb count is below 11
7. Ecosprin 75mg (Aspirin) – One per day after lunch
Have been using the above for 2 months . I feel energetic, my constant muscle pains have disappeared , I feel less anxious.
My current results are M spike : Not seen and Plasma cells < 1% .

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M spike – Not seen !!

My Bone Marrow test results , 4 months after changing to Lenalidomide from Thalidomide , are out.

For 3 yrs prior to Dec 2014 , post Autologous Stem Cell transplant in Jan 2012 ,  i had been taking 50 mg and 100mg of Thalidomide.

My hubby , dad and I went to the hospital yesterday , to pick up the reports.

We were very apprehensive as to what the results would be. We opened the reports while walking towards the lift and saw the words ‘M spike – Not seen’ . Whatever that implied !!??

My Bone marrow aspiration was done exactly 5 days ago and that day i had asked my doctor about M spike ,what it meant and what should be the ideal value. He said that the value is ‘zero’ in a healthy individual.

When we showed the reports to my doctor , he said that the results are absolutely fantastic. ‘Not seen’ implies the M spike is ‘zero’ . He was extremely happy for us and we were very excited. The plasma cells too were less than 1% which was 10-12% 4 months ago ( a relapse)

I asked him if Lenalidomide is the reason, he replied ‘ you are responding very well to Lenalidomide’

In Dec 2014 my doc had said ‘ Sorry, you may have to be prepared for another round of SCT after 3 months’ and yesterday he said ‘No worry , we need not do the SCT now ,we can postpone till we reach 25 mg of Lenalidomide which is available in 5 mg , 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg and 25 mg and it may be 2 yrs or 5 yrs before we reach that dosage’

For now he told me to get back after 2 months with CBP , LFT and RFT reports.

Dad was so excited , he called up Mom and Sis and updated immediately.

Hubby immediately opened the first BMA report after 6 months of my transplant and showed us that the latest report is the best ever. The results even after the transplant were not as good as they are now 🙂

We thanked the doctor and the Almighty and came home.

We hadn’t mentioned the Alternative natural products that i had been using for the last 45 days.

I had discussed these during my visit last month when i went to show the CBP,LFT,RFT reports.

He had said i can go ahead with these products and that he is not against alternative treatments. His reply gave me a lot of relief.

I strongly believe that using natural supplements and immune boosting foods did have a major role in bringing down the M spike and plasma cells.

Will write all about my Ayurvedic protocol , inspired by Margaret , in detail in my next mail.

I am so excited that i wish to scream to the world about my Ayurvedic discovery and share with other patients suffering with Multiple Myeloma.

Here is an interesting article on Circumin( Turmeric) and Multiple Myeloma