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My BMA results


My Serum Protein Electrophoresis and Beta 2 microglobulin serum results are out.
‘No M band is seen’ in the Electrophoresis test . Yayyy … On seeing these words I immediately say a little prayer thanking Almighty.

The Kappa parameter is on the higher side while the Kappa Lambda ratio is in the normal range.Not to worry as I am confident that Kappa too will be normal soon.
My Oncologist expressed his happiness and we were all ears to listen to what he had to say next.
Said I can take a break from Lenolidamide for another three months. Yayy .
It’s been 3 months since I was told to stop lenolidamide and I need not take it for another three months. I was patiently waiting for exactly this kind of news and had this wish for a long time. Hopefully I will never ever have to take it again.

Every month for the last 16 months I was getting the CBC , LFT AND RFT tests and meeting my Ocologist with the reports. He was closely monitoring me since the relapse in Dec 14 and i was advised to go for a second Stem cell transplant after 3 months. However there was no need to go for it as my M spike was zero in the subsequent tests after the relapse.
This 3 months break is such great news and a great relief.
I feel like screaming and shouting and telling the whole world.
My confidence and belief that my condition can be reversed has come true and quite quickly too.

Informed Dr Nitin , my Ayurvedic doctor , about the results and he too was glad and wanted me to do a writeup on my experience and progress with Ayurvedic medication and Fasting so he can share with his students and others who can benefit.

Will post the writeup here soon.

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Results of my Bone marrow test


It has been 6 months since I had my Bone marrow test done.The previous test was during the end of April this year. In April , for the first time since my diagnosis in 2011 , my M-spike was ‘not seen’. That was the greatest news ever.

I have been taking Circumin and other ayurvedic supplements since January this year. Along with these I am also on a fasting regimen since one month.
I have been avoiding foods made with all purpose flour(maida), sugar , milk and curds.

All the above has definitely helped me in keeping the M-spike in control and this time too the ‘M-spike’ is ‘not seen’.

However , my hemoglobin level is at 9.7 and I need to work on this.

In spite of Hb being low I feel much more energetic than ever. It feels so good to be so active. I have never been this active in a long long time. I am able to concentrate and perform well at work too.

Incidentally today is ‘Dhanvantari jayanti’ along with ‘Dhanteras’.
Dhanvantari is the God/father of Ayurveda.
My heartfelt thanks to my Ayurvedic doctor who has been treating me remotely from Mumbai.

I feel blessed and hope to have a bright and beautiful Diwali.

Happy Diwali !!