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Easy Peasy Mango Parfait

Summer is synonymous with Mangoes in India. There are a variety of Juicy and Fleshy mangoes all over the place. Enjoyed eating both the varieties this season. Wanted to make a new recipe with mangoes and looked for simple recipes with mangoes , on the Internet.

Came across a recipe named ‘Mango Parfait’ . The recipe had very few ingredients and a very simple process.

Ingredients (makes two servings) :

Greek Yoghurt : 1 Cup ( Strain curd to remove the liquid. The left over curd is called Greek yoghurt)

Mango puree : half cup

Mango pieces (small bite size ) : half a cup

Honey : 2 tbsp

Vanilla essence : 1 drop

Granola or Muesli : 2 tbsp


Mix honey and vanilla essence into  the greek yogurt. Mix well until the mixture is smooth.

How to Serve:

Pour a layer of the yoghurt mixture ito the bottom of the glass container. Pour a layer of mango puree and add a few pieces of mangoes. Pour another layer or yoghurt mixture on this and add another layer of mango puree and mango pieces. Top it with a table spoon of granola or muesli.

Serve chilled.

A Parfait can be made by layering with any kind of fruit and a variety of other ingredients like whipped cream, syrups , nuts and ice cream. Go ahead and experiment.