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One month to go before I Retire from my job – Retiring young

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Taking the decision to Retire from work did not happen overnight.

I am working in a Government Company where security of the job is assured till Retirement at 60 years.

However, I had been mulling over this for the last few years and eagerly waiting for a VRS Scheme (Voluntary Retirement Scheme). The VRS Scheme would come with Medical Benefits after Retirement along with any additional Monetary benefits.

Several other Government organizations had declared a VRS scheme in the past. My own organization had one such scheme a couple of decades ago.

For some reason my company wasn’t coming up with any such VRS scheme.

Fortunately , an alternate Retirement scheme was declared few months ago called Pre-Mature Voluntary Retirement. This scheme is applicable for those who have crossed 50 years. Medical Benefits are provided after Retirement.

This was the final trigger for my decision.

I had submitted by application to the HR Department last week. There is a one month Notice period and I am coming to work. I am also using up some of my leaves .

News spreads like Wildfire isnt it 🙂 …. Life was very hectic before I applied for Retirement. Once the News spread all over the company , things have changed drastically :)) ….I get very few phone calls, very few mails are addressed to me directly , no meetings , hardly anyone dropping into my cabin….hmmm getting bored while in the office.

Started cleaning up my drawers , physical files and sorting out all the information in my System and my mails.

Planning for handing over all my work.

Expecting to complete several formalities required by HR, Finance etc.

Feeling relieved already  🙂 and looking forward to be at home.

…and much much more :))

~ Love you Life !! ~

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