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Lock-Down Dairies – 20 May 20 : My Official Birthday , no time for gardening :( , suffocation at work due to wearing the Mask

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My Official Birthday :

Today is my Official Birthday. All Birthdays along with wishes are displayed on our Intranet Website. I have been getting several messages on Whatsapp and also from colleagues wishing me. So, I get to celebrate twice every year 🙂

Missing Spending time with my Plants :

Since I started going to work I am unable to spend any time with my plants. Missing my plants a lot. I had a wonderful time taking care of my plants during the Lockdown period.I would check the sprouting of seeds , growth of new shoots , every leaf , the buds, the flowers , the soil , water content in the soil, look for any pests , give manure , make organic pesticides and fertilizers at home . It is three days since the change has taken place and i am yet to reschedule my daily routine so I can include the plants too. It is a bit hectic now , I am busy with cooking in the morning and then I have to work from home for half a day , have to physically be at the workplace during the second half and by the time I am back home it is 7pm. Too tiring. Hopefully I will get used to the new routine soon.

The Mask woes at the workplace :

While I am in my seat in my cabin , I usually loosen the mask. However , as soon as someone enters my cabin I put on my mask. All is well in the cabin. But when there is a meeting in the conference Hall , things get difficult. The A/C is not permitted to be switched On . We need to discuss over some document that is projected on the screen. If the windows are opened , the matter on the screen is dull and not visible . It gets very suffocating inside the conference room. Speaking with the mask ON is also not comfortable to many. The voice is not loud enough and feels snuffed. Few colleagues are removing the mask when they wish to speak which is not acceptable. Some put the mask only to cover the mouth and do not cover the nose.

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