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Lock-Down Dairies – 19 May 20 : Gradual Unlocking of Lock-down in Hyderabad/Telangana, night curfew for 12 hours

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The Lock is being opened in the city where I live. It is 55 days since Lockdown was imposed.

Initially , everything to do with Health care was open ( Hospitals, Diagnostic centers, Pharmacies) , Pharma companies , all supermarkets , Milk supplies , makeshift vegetable vendors , Non-veg selling stores were permitted to be open.

A couple of weeks ago , all Wine shops were open.

A week ago , all stores related to the construction industry were opened up. All paints , Hardware, ceramic tiles, Steel, Marble , cement stores etc were also permitted to do their businesses.

And today many more businesses are being allowed to operate. All businesses except Restaurants (dine-in) , schools, Malls, Public transport , Pubs are allowed to do their business.Even Cabs and Autos are permitted with restrictions.All private companies and Factory can work.

The economy is almost opened up.

The message is clear.

We have to learn to live with the new virus.

Got to take enough precautions and go ahead with normal life. The number of cases have been rising all over India but life must go on.

Night curfew continues to be on from 7pm to 7am. I have been coming home from work just before the curfew starts. My office timing is upto 6.30 pm and I start almost immediately . Very less traffic around this time as everyone has already reached their homes. the remaining are rushing back so as to reach before 7pm and we are among them 🙂

Everyone is speeding on the roads which may be dangerous too.

It is funny how I always had this wish that the traffic would reduce some way or the other and this is how my wish materialised :).

Although it is temporary and very soon everything will get back to pre-lockdown era.

Take care folks !!

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